What do you keep on your USB toolkit?

So I've been working on computers a lot lately, and I really need to make myself a USB toolkit. What do you guys usually keep on yours? I don't know where to start.

This needs more attention I think, and an official list of the best, least-bloated tools. 

I personally keep firefox portable, and a tiny linux distro on mine to assist others infected computers. I also keep a windows key finder for that "I was supposed to keep the box?", and a tool for ressurecting dead/deleted files. the names of them look like keyboard spam, so if anybody more knowlegeable could track them down, I'd be grateful. 

Yeah, I think one of the mods should make a sticky thread on this once we can compile a good list. So far I've got

  • Firefox portable
  • Linux distro (DSL?)
  • What about a malwarebytes installer?

This is a great thread idea.


I like this tool http://www.hwinfo.com/

Lots of information just there. It has a nice summary of system info and then the in-depth CPUZ style break down.

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Ive got a few things on my USB toolkit.

  • crystaldiscinfo
  • malwarebytes
  • recuva x64
  • unhide files
  • CCleaner
  • Service packs for XP, and Vista
  • Internet repair tool CIntRep_x64
  • Firefox Portable

I usually keep some installers for certain applications just in case I end up doing a fresh install of something. I also keep a bunch of ISO's of different OS's (Ubuntu, W7, W8, etc.)

On another note, I like to keep a lot of After Effects plugins on a USB stick just in case I end up working with it on someone else's computer and I need them. (That's not really relevant to most people though)




I like having spacesniffer as well. It can help really show you where you need to trim the fat sometimes if capacity is an issue.

This too is extremely useful. 

Since I live in a dorm at college and my backpack is usually a few seconds away I keep a key ring of usbs with me. 

One one I key zorin os install, my current favorite linux flavor, for whatever I may need linux for. One has a copy of windows 7, useful for gamers. one I use for random file storage, one I use for school file storage, and one I use to store like tools and stuff like malware bytes, ccleaner, ect.

The only thing that I really use on my USB "toolkit" is a small linux distro. Don't really need anything else.

Well if you are familiar enough with Linux I'm sure you can fix Windows from inside Linux. I am barely familiar with Linux as of this point in time.

This is an extremely useful collection of tools. Also includes bootable live windows, dos and linux enviroments. All the windows utilities extract themselves into the Temp folder and run without needing to be installed.

Available for download here: http://www.hirensbootcd.org/

Can be made into a bootable usb stick. http://www.hirensbootcd.org/usb-booting/


Other than this, I keep an up to date copy of Combofix, Ccleaner and Malwarebytes. (They are included in the hirens collection but are out of date).


This is useful if the system is unbootable due to malware. http://support.kaspersky.co.uk/viruses/rescuedisk/

I also use this, which can be added to the hirens boot menu, for the Boot-repair tool with is very good for windows and linux boot issues. http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-secure/


Once I figure out a method of booting a windows installer disk iso from the hirens boot menu then you will need nothing else.

I usually have multiboot on my usb and from that i boot several iso's and distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Backtrack (for sniffing Wlan), and pretty much all the recent windows operating systems. I also carry Hiren's boot CD iso. Also my favourite one is Trinity Rescue Kit and is one of the best tools working with linux kernel.

this would be a good tech tip for me to do.









Firefox Portable

Chrome Portable





Seagate tools



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windows password eraser.

ubuntu distro