What do you guys think?

hey was just wondering what you guys thought of my build and would like to know if you guys think its pretty stable or if i will have bottlenecking problems or anything.


was hoping to run 3 of those displays :D but we will see how that goes

What do you want to do on it?

I would suggest a video card with more memory (Can be the same GPU), but to drive 3 monitors are 1080 each is going to need more than 2GB

I would go for this. The 7950's 3gb of vram will hold up much better than the 770 2gb. Aswell as both of the cards having very simular performance. The 750 corsair psu is not very good quality, so i chose the seasonic gold 750w. You could probably get away with a 650w psu im just not sure about it. 





would the 4gb version work better i already have everything but the OS and the graphics card


Im on a tight budget of about 500 ish to about 550 if i get really luckcy and i have to buy the os and the graphics card with that money and i just want the absolute best card i can get to run all 3 of those monitors at 1080p playing games above 30fps even if i have to over clock it a little