What do you guys think

Obviously (as you all can see by my modest specs atm) I’m somewhat due for a CPU upgrade. I’m was looking at picking up a Xeon off of E-Bay or one of the many server supply companies selling their used 2011 socket R chips (many of these are extremely fair in terms of price; such as e5-2670-80’s for 100-200 dollars, occasionally a v2). I don’t game on any extreme AAA titles save for Arma 3 truly and some PUBG occasionally and I really love the idea of picking up a xeon due to the reaseach I’ve done and simply knowing the general rule that their superior binning means even a used Xeon should last me just fine. I am a heavy multi-tasker (tabs, movies/shows/music, with up to 2 open game clients and recording/streaming) and I’ve basically hit the wall where my poor little i5 simply lacks the threads to stream and game/multitask comfortably. Due to not pushing the boundaries and needing ridiculous framerates in NEW triple A titles, do you all think my idea for scrapping together 1 or 2 2670ish ) just using that chip as an example, and a decent 2011 board + mem would be a reasonable choice? Thank you for your time! I tried to be as thorough as possible but I wrote this from my phone so please forgive my messy spelling/grammer. Have a nice day ^_^!

Do you already have the 2011 motherboard + RAM?

Negative on the RAM, however a close friend of mine I just found out is upgrading from 2011 and is allowing me to purchase his board for extremely cheap (he guranteed me under 100$ which I thought was pretty good considering it’s in great condition). ECC RAM will not be cheap or easy to find lightly used and is probably in reality going to be the most expensive purchase for this upgrade. Lols.