What do you guys think of this extreme budget build?


I already have a hard drive?

Would you not be tempted to jump up to a 6300? With newer games supporting multi core cpu's better(especially once dx12 goes live), that pentium is going to gimp your system in comparison to a quad or hex core.

I looked at that, but AM3+ doesn't offer the same upgrade path, especially on the higher end.

Fair enough, if you are planning on upgrading in the near future the intel is probably fine.

lol, any "upgrade path" with this system is going to involve a new motherboard anyways. That pentium is such ridiculously good value that we're going to be at a new socket before any game worth playing is going to necessitate him switching CPUs.

I would check out the AMD stuff for sure, but as I just posted that Pentium will carry you for at least a couple years. Really you get what you pay for, a similarly priced AMD with more cores will have its own performance downfalls.

I don't think he should be thinking about DX12 with a four hundred dollar budget.

The reason i mentioned DX12 is because of the performance gains people have seen in previews because of the more efficient multi core cpu usage. I don't see why he shouldn't be thinking about DX12...