What do you guys think of the future of am3+ and fm2+

im wondering what the future hold for those mobo platform specially the am3+ since i am currently on the am3+ i heard that amd steamroller might skip am3+  and go to fm3+ so what do you quy think of that


I think steamroller is going to use FM2+

Its fm2+ for the new steamroller,(kaveri) the apu at least.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steamroller_(microarchitecture)

There are no news about the next gen fx series but my guess is that this would be the last fx series(hopefully not). or they might skip this year and released a refresh next year like intel did in their broadwell cpu. ( found this on some forums)

FM3 would come out before FM3+, but yeah I'd expect the future to be lying in that direction. They could easily do something different though. The main question being where will we see the next 8-core. Perhaps FM2+ could not support such a chip. We should see what they say when Steamroller chips are announced. It would not make sense to abandon AM3+ and then limit themselves to four core products for any longer period.

Just give me a 8 core phenom iii! just do it AMD!!!

That would be nice if Steamorller went to AM3+ aswell, though if it doesn't and FM2+ becomes the only platform for AMD we should also expect high end CPUs there aside from APUs and Athlons.


AM3+ i think still has some life some possibly steamroller on AM3+ or maybe AM4.  IF not maybe just FM2+ with no iGPU...hard to tell but my gut says an AM board most likely.

I agree, the FX tag used to send Intel the message that AMD were bringing a seriously fast chip to the table. Now unfortunately it has become a joke.

I do wonder how well a Phenom II would perform if it were to have the performance increase, arch tweaks, the die shrink... etc and of course the full 8 cores, not 4 FX modules that make 8 logical cores.

AM3+ does have a little life left in it. (with 990fx) However, a change is needed to bring native higher speed RAM support (possibly more DIMM slots and channels) and PCI-e 3.0 native.

IF not maybe just FM2+ with no iGPU.

So just like the new Athlon II x4 750k


yeah possibly like the Athlon II 750k just so that they can utilize huma and hsa but maybe AM4 may come out which will have the strings for that, never know.

Looking at what's going on with the FM2+, I'm feeling AMD has more or less given up on the AM3+ or higher end (loosely using that term.) It's nice they're finally adding support for PCI-e 3.0 but on the same socket they push more to entry level gaming or home theater based? To point out AMD released the first PCI-e 3.0 Cards, and only a single AM3+ with a 3rd party chip and now the A88x chipsets (if you have an FM2+ chip) will support this. I was an AMD fanboy, and back in the Phenom vs Core2 Duo days I switched and actually felt bad about it. Only reason I'm back to AMD was during my immigration to the states my tower was damaged during shipping and I couldn't afford to replace with Intel. I miss the days when AMD with an NVidia chipset and graphics was as top as you could go. I Still regret selling my Asus A8N-SLi Premium with Athlon64 X2 3800+, but I feel that was the last era AMD cared to be real competition to Intel. 

Hey AMD if you want your crown back, fix your sockets, fix your chipsets, fix your CPUs. If this means a total revamp, than do it. It's nice you cared about an upgrading path, but there comes a time to axe that path and start a nice one. Give us better memory support, PCI-e 3.0 natively, fix the heat and voltage needs. AND more importantly, GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE CPU AGAIN. 

Ok, I'm getting off my soap box. Might not have been so bad for me but I run an FX-6300 @4.2GHz on a M5A97 R2.0 and a bud sent me an i7 4770K on a Maximus vi to gear up for him while he's overseas..... that really opened my eyes to how far AMD has fallen.

Heh, I got through that without swearing.. WHOOHOO

The processors are as fast as they need to be for gaming, because that is their purpose....but sure, if you want to drag race with a ford K you can go ahead but don't troll if it sucks. I also have that feeling AMD has shifted their intrest from high end CPU's to other stuff but that doesn't mean they lost the fight, they most certanly did not: amd mantle, APU's, full AMD consoles, GPU's are still top tier.

i think AMD is concentrating on their

Heterogeneous System Architecture

. that's the future.

Steamroller is not their last fx architecture excavator is after steamroller

the wiki is not 100% certain, unless it specifically stated that it will be something. in fact, i worked on that article, and specifically phrased ti to say that nobody except amd has any clue about it. all we're doing is guessing

the fx modlues are just fine. amd mainly needs to fix cache latency. floating point is weak, but floating point is like 1% of all cpu tasks.

really don't want this argument restarted... it's all speculation... locked