What do you guys think of social welfare


Im from Denmark, we have a very good and effektive well fare system here in Denmark this means: Free hospitals school, Gymnasium (School when your 16-18 in Scandinavia) and university, free dentistry until your 18. This and loads more. On top of this unions are very strong wich meens minimum wage is very high 20 dollars for an adult and 13 dollars for a child over the age of 15 (Children dont have to pay taxes) But we pay very high taxes 40-60 procent. This is allmost the polar opposite of the system that you have in the US where its every man for himself. I personaly like the system in my country. But what do you american guys think. I know this is a Tek show but i think it would be interesting for us to here your political views on this kind of stuff. It would also be nice to hear what you guys on the forum have to say.

Sorry for my spelling AABK from Denmark

yeah, i think those programs do work when they are fully funded. here in america theres this  crazy mantra of lowering taxes and that's what happening and our country is shit right now. if you look back in our heydays like the 50's and 60's which i think most people would agree was alot better economiclly, people were paying way higher taxes. 

Social Welfare is a necessary evil. Unions are unnecessary imo. We definitely don't need the government forcing us to buy health insurance. Pretty soon we'll be bowing down before the great King Obama.

The fact that you are blaming lower taxes for the problems of our country is just asinine and ignorant.

Let me ask my euro peeps, do you think people work less because of the socialism you enjoy?

That is what most Americans fear when this is brought up. The motto I hear a lot is why work when everything is handed to you. 

Personally I feel the US could use better social programs but I hate when I see able bodied men and women living off the backs of tax payers. Seems to be a bit of an issue when I bust my ass to earn a living yet some just are lazy and yet are afforded housing and food paid for by me. 


Does this occur in Denmark?


The real problem is our focus on corporate welfare rather than social welfare.

when we had higher taxes we had a way better economy, less people on social walfare services, more people employeed. 

I agree. Corporate welfare is a total slap in the face if the common man. 

whoa, watch fox new much? 

So you're telling me that the only thing that has changed between now and then is the taxes?

No, I don't watch cable news. I'm just not a blind sheep.

actually our government was doing alot better in the 80s when taxes were lower...........however in some cases i believe that social welfare is needed. But i think that too many people take advantage of it. I think our country is going down the path of socialism heading down communism street if we keep letting the government take advantage of certain people. I think they are alot more brutal than people think they are. We are no longer granted free speech because people are sensitive or biased. This country is changing in all the bad ways. Its more regressive than progressive. 

The higher taxes and the way Scandinavian countries do things work very well and are effective but would probably not work in the US.  In the past 20 years our government has gone full retard and needs to do something because right now we are doing nothing.

hell yeah! I mean it spits in the face of entrepreneurship. It removes capitalism from the picture with the government funding companies. No system is perfect but capitalism promotes consumer choice and new businesses. The government only need intervene if the product is a harmful food or if business practices are unfair or unethical. But on that note it doesnt mean the government should shut down gun factories because its unethical to own a "killing machine" or what i call a self defense mechanism to defend yourself from criminals.

A modern wellfare state like the Western-European and Nordic countries is just civilized and intelligent. Not everyone has the same fortune, not everyone has the same function, but every human is equal, and we're all in this together.

There is a very true one-line of an American stand-up comedian that goes "Be nice to people on your way up, because you'll meet them on your way down". You might feel on top of the world and much superior to the people that aren't as productive as you at a certain point in time, but statistically, you have a better chance to lose that productivity and become dependent on others, than to stay on top of the food chain.

The intelligent evolution of mankind started showing from the time the homo sapiens invented cooking, preparing food, so that there was a way to share assets, to leverage the efforts of individuals to a bigger benefit for the group. Soon after that, there was language and writing, so that also knowledge could be leveraged.

Think of this: everyone can pretty much agree that without writing there would be no advanced intellectual evolution... well, it wasn't the productive and healthy hunters that sat in a cave and made the mural paintings, Plato wasn't a productive soldier or farmer, Demostenes certainly not, JJ.Rousseau wrote Emile but couldn't provide for his own children, etc...

Compassion and helping the unfortunate and demanding gratitude or conversion to a certain religion or even politeness in return, is retarded. Division of assets without discrimination and without emotional balast, is a necessary step towards a more efficient and logical humanity. If getting help is subject to conditions, how can integration be expected. How can hidden talents be discovered if everybody is supposed to perform exactly the same. How can there be liberty and equality when there is no regulating entropy....

did i say it was the only thing? 

No, but you're using 1 out of 100s of elements to make a direct correlation. That doesn't seem a bit unfair to you?

they should of let those big banks fail.

Something we actually agree on...