What do you guys think is the best quite water cooler

ive never tried water cooling and ive had enough of my pc making such loud sonds since im not playing games on max, i don't care about the best graphics rather my pc not sounding like a bomb

i only want to rigg up the my cpu and gpu in a loop.

do you guys think i should try anything else before i go for water cooling? 

also any recommendations on parts and kits would be cool to. (my gpu is gtx 670 and my cpu is a intel i5 3570k)

any way thanks guys in advance.


I don't see point in putting there on your hardware. Your gpu can be easily cooled down with air; and your cpu you can put http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835214057  -- its one of the best closed loop cooling systems.


If you had 2+ gpu's it would be viable for you to actually do proper water cooling - else its just waste of money... since you aren't generating much heat...

the problem im having is my gpu is extremely loud, not so much my cpu but i thought if i was going to water cool my gpu may aswell do the cpu aswell and have completely silent system. it does make me wonder could it just be my fan on my gpu or is that how all the 670s are? any one elses gtx 670 evga sound like a bomb?


I had that problem with my 670, if its just your gpu thats really loud, i would just grab something else, maybe a 760.

full watercooling? Custom loop? If you want that tell me your case!

Before considering a loop.

  • Clean inside of the case - dust is your no.1 enemy. Blow out heatsinks with an air compressor or can of compressed air.
  • Increase airflow - tidy cables and install some decent case fans.
  • Consider one of the aftermarket gpu coolers > http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=207_314&zenid=23834147221ce5d0f6a2303e897bdb1f

Depending on your case

  • You can install AIO coolers for both the cpu and gpu (using g10 bracket). Or just the 1 AIO + g10 bracket for the gpu alone.
  • Custom loop if you have the $$$ & case space.
  • You can also mod any AIO cooler to have additional an additional wc block and radiator.

if all you care about is noise why not just use quieter fans?

i'm not sure about the gpu... unless you don't mind ghetto, if you don't mind ghetto just get quieter fans