What do you guys think? Any recommendations?

So, I'm going to get off of the console bandwagon and get a pc rather than next gen consoles, I will use this pc primarily for gaming, as well as some light video recording/editing here and there.

I want it to last quite some time (like 4 years) before I upgrade.


So, what do you guys think, any improvements appriciated!

PS: I live in the UK, and would like to save a few quid on this pc if it's possible without impacting performance.

Hmmm, to cut a few of your rainbow coloured smed bucks off the build you could drop the 1866 ram down to 1600 and you'd hardly notice a differance. You could also drop another 12 smedbucks if you just rammed a cable into the back of it. Wireless will forever be slower than a glorious cat6 cable. Possibly a cheaper case unless you like that one, and 1945+68 the year of our lord jesus christ, buying Windows.

Well, what 1600 ram would you recommend?

Sadly the hassle of running a cable upstairs will be a nightmare and will not be worth the hassle.

When I compared the difference between lan and wifi, there wasn't any difference except wired is just more stable. The speeds were pretty much identical.

I was thinking of a bixfenix outlaw or the 300r, but I do not like the look of them. The R4 is perfect for the price and what I want it to do, being silent, having a fan controller, and I really like its minimalistic design.

Hmmm, RAM isn't really an issue. You can pretty much pick up any 1600 ram and it'll be about the same except for maybe timings. I mean when was the last time you heard of someone have a ram stick go bad on them? RAM's all pretty much the same, just get whatever is reasonably priced and you like the look of.

And if that's the case of the wifi and uhh case then stick with those. Gotta go with what ya like mate.

Grab a cheaper case and take the money you saved and get an 8350 instead. You'll love it. The 8350 destroys games and for editing itll be great.

Here is what I came up with: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/EXtR

It is a tiny bit more expensive, but it fits an 8350 in there :D

That Samsung RAM can overclock like crazy! People easily get 2133mHz out of it. Don't worry about CL 11, you can easily tweak that donw to CL 9 at 1866 with the right voltage (like 1.52V, or something).

SeaSonic is a very reputable company for PSUs - better than OCZ. You won't need 650W for that build, unless you plan on adding a second 7950 when you need the power. Cheers!


Brennan Riddell


Go for an Intel build. Get an I5-3570k instead and pair it with a Z77 board. Get Windows 7 Awesome version and put the money saved towards the 3570k


grab this memory instead,


 for the monitor, LG IPS234 (...its become cheaper?)



and for wireless, if its very important, get this,


thank me later

USB wireless dongle. I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that.

rtl8187. that is all :)

But.. but... this is faster and the same price


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