What do you guys think about this?



If anybody has a better monitor for the same-ish price, then please let me know.

Cheap AOCs can be iffy. The high end ones are good but my little brother has a 23 inch 1080p one and the panel flickers at low brightness. It is not the same and almost definitely not IPS but check up on the reviews.

May not be better as it is only an AMVA+ panel but I am using an Iiyama Prolite X2783HSU, a 1080p 27 inch monitor and it is great. Pretty cheap too.

I've seen the AOC IPS panels in person and I can vouch that they are sufficiently good, especially considering the price. The panels have a nice, fine matte finish and are fairly bright. The brushed plastic is pleasantly metallized and looks quite nice. The only significant drawback to their panels is their sub-par saturation and contrast at stock settings. I've fiddled around with them some, and they can be brought up to the levels comparable to other brands such as Samsung or HP.

I too have been looking for a new monitor for a while and while that does look amazing (IPS panel, great aesthetics, and great price) the main problem for me is the lack of a VESA mount ... sooo any suggestions on something no higher in price than that with a VESA mount? I eventually plan on picking up more monitors (probably 3 with at least 1 being a 1440p I've been eyeing for a while) which is why VESA is crucial for me.

OR if anyone can suggest a good way to add VESA mounting to the monitor above as searching the Internets for many hours has led me to learn that decent IPS panels are hard to com by at this price range much less with the things I want so if anyone knows and good DIY ways to add VESA mounting I'd appreciate it.

Oh this post is in the hardware forum that's why no one is responding .... Well off I go to create yet another post about the same topic.

I have that same monitor in a 27 inch - the 3D capable version.

Great Monitor - useless 3d, which is a non issue for the model you are looking at.

You CANNOT use a VESA mount, they have a unique stand system and the entire back of the monitor is a single piece of glossy plastic.

Also be aware the screen is super glossy so it WILL reflect a shit-ton of light unless you have it in a room you can prevent direct sunlight getting on it.

Yeah that's why I asked if anyone knew any good diy solutions to add vesa capabilities or if some could suggest a monitor similar to the one above but with VESA....


this should work for you

Wait the pictures on Amazon show a VESA mount but not on Newegg? Same model number and everything ... aesthetically though that AOC is still beautiful.