What do you guys think about this build?


Only part not included on the list is the Asrock Fatality c232 board. Only because you can OC Xeons on that board still as far as I know. Not that I would do much of a boost probably to 4.2 if I'm lucky. Gonna be using the EVGA 650w GS PSU from my current build and it will be housed in a Fractal Define S. Also gonna wait for aftermarket coolers for the 480 probably gonna go Sapphire most likely but will wait and see. All in all think this will be a killer machine. Primary use will be gaming and streaming

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Not too bad! Only thing to take into account would be not to overclock the 480 unitl we have the final word on pcie power draw.
Also here is my bench for a comparative reference point.


Wasn't planning on it really. Not into OC but wanted to try it with the xeon since they made it possible with this arc

Plus I figure board partners will probably end up adding 8 pins to their cards because of this issue. Hence why I'm waiting