What do you guys think about the Powercolor R9 270x devil edition

  I'm not a huge fan of Powercolor but the devil and sound amazing by read the specs.  Just seeing if everyone else feels the same about it?

If its within your budget, pick it up! Its just absolutely tremendous. Here's Elric's breakdown of the card when it was still called the 7870 :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrcJI8h6rjY

I end up buying it!  It's freaking amazing!  barely fit though, the card is literally touching the hdd cage.  Fortunately, I bought it at the right time cause the card went up $60 a week later. lol

i hope you'll be overclocking it, i've been wanting to see the devil in action for a while

I didn't overclock but i did run a bf4 benchmark test on ultra though. http://youtu.be/-2uUh98bmMM

Did you test with Mantle as well or solely with DX11?

Yes I did try mantle but it didn't give me much of a performance increase.  I went back to my old drivers cause 14.1 drivers were giving me problems in other games.  I will do a benchmark using mantle drivers.  I'm sure on single player mantle would give me quite a bit of performance increase..

Seems like my cpu may be also holding me back, even on low i get around 50 fps.  :/