What do you Guys/Girls think of these cases?



At the moment I have a cheap ass CaseCom case. It looks nice bit it feels a little bit flimsy. After watching the Tek Syndicate I think Logan mentioned good cases should have places to hide cables so it looks nice and tidy inside. At the moment when I look at my PC as it has a side window it just looks a mess and there is no where I can hide the unused cables. So I want to buy a new one but I don't want to spend a stupid amount of money.


So I had a look around and I found 3 cases that I like the look of.

The first 2 are here http://www.aerocool.com.tw/index.php/products/strike-x/48-strike-x-case/142-strikexgtblack

This case is available in black or red or white. But I don't like the look of the white one. The only bad thing I can see about this case is it has 2 big X's on the front witch remind me of the X Factor and I hate that show.


The next case http://www.aerocool.com.tw/index.php/products/chassis/30-pgsv/126-xwarriorr

Looks nice and simple and just like the other 2 cases the USB ports are at the top witch is a must for me. I can't see anything to complain about with this case other than it has less USB ports than the other case and does not have a USB 3.0 port witch is no big deal. It is also about £10 cheaper than the other case.


So what do you all think?


I like the first one. Was checking this case out just the other day when I researching their fans, Which I did buy,

Yer I do like it its just the X lol. If I where to get it I would get the Red one with the brite red fans. But I don't understand the external USB 3.0.

Back when I was building my new system last May, I was also looking into the Aerocool cases, particularly the Strike X one because it was good internally, but like you, was put off by the 2 huge X in front of the case.

I wanted something less showy, so I found out about Bitfenix cases and ended up buying their Shinobi case; has holes for cable management, relatively good ventilation (lots of options to add additinal fans), but I don't think you can hook up an H100 if you plan on waercooling your CPU (the smaller CPU watercoolers will do fine), and it is quite minimalistic and professional when it comes to overall aesthetics... perfect for me. And the price ain't too shabby either.


Check their other cases, too, if you don't think the Shinobi is to your liking 

Those are crazy, not my style but they look like they'd own Vader in a lightsaber duel. I like the first.

No, no and no... kids these days.

Look for Lian Li LANCOOL, SilverStone, Fractal Design and Cooler Master (non-HAF).

@ Rinaxe that Shinobi case does look really nice and classy. I like it and I will consider it as it looks like its the same price as the strike X case.

Nice! =D

I'll just add one con that I found... It is more of a personal preference though. If you get the windowed side panel, it is not a clear window, it is more like a smoked window or something. Even when I added NZXT LEDs around the case, it was still kinda hard to see the inside... hehehe

But overall, I love this case.

And oh yeah, do get the one that comes with 2x USB3 and 2x USB2 front panels. It may be like $10 more (idk how much that is in pounds LOL) but at least you got 2x USB3 in the front when you need it instead of reaching the back lol

Am not to bothered about the windows tbh as where my PC is at the moment I can't see the sides any how.

Alrightee, do try to get the one that comes with 2x USB3 and 2x USB2 front panels.

Just ever so slightly more expensive, but you won't always have to reach the back in the future if you need a USB3 (anyways, they are backwards compatible so you can still use them with most of today's USB products). =]


Yer on to. Ill have a think about what one to get for a few days then probably at the weekend order one. Thanks for the input so far.