What do you guys do to remember all your passwords?

Password Safe is the password manager I use. I remember most of them generally, particularly very important ones (the most important of which don't go in the manager even). It's nice to have a back up of accounts passwords that I don't use much.

If you know Schneier, he worked on Password Safe a good while back. He endorsed the windows version but not the linux one since he didn't directly work with it.

AT&T makes me have 16 character letter number and symbol passwords for about 8 different portals and they have to be changed every few months.

Easiest thing for me is use a bunch of variations on ATTsucksdick or fuckyouatt. Then I store them on a note in an encrypted smart phone or reset it if I forget.

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Haha, I do exactly this (inspired by the comic) for all my passwords, but it still gets to be a bit much when you realize how many accounts you have.

Nothing. I am really rather weird with my own form of logic :) Makes for great passwords/phrases

Would you mind elaborating a bit on these obvious reasons for higher hardware security? I've generally gone without passwords on laptops/phones/etc., mostly because of how paranoid I am about making sure they're always in my possession.

Haha, I was waiting for this response.

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Password manager.

My password for the manager is >50 digits and it's just a sentence. Took me like 5 minutes to memorize it and never worry about forgetting it.

Every password I use has a similar number some way into it.

then the next one would have a 3 at the 4th placement. And so on.

If someone is specifically targeting you, is there some way to immediately lock down everything that's important? Also, is there any way you could specifically tell?

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lol no love loss there :0

Doesn't that seem a bit overkill? There's that site that predicts how long a computer would take to brute-force a password (not sure how accurate it is) and all of my passwords in the 20-character range have brute-force times of thousands of years.

Perhaps I don't understand more sophisticated password cracking though.

I use them on regular basis. That helps me to remember them.

Wipe and reinstall often if you think someone is targeting you

My main problem is that password managers are not good enough to protect your data entirely.

Your passwords are strong but how they are implemented are not


I usually come up with a really odd phrase using a bunch of both common and made up words and then apply a bunch of rules to it. The result is completely unintelligible but all I remember is the (funny) phrase and the rules and then over time learn the sequence of the keys so well I can just type it out.

"Honey what's my password?"

I also click the "forgot password" button.......allot

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So every website you goto you need to open the safe and get that bit of paper out, YIKES. No thanks, I just use LastPass (it encrypts it and you can force login each time you load browsers/use), and also it allows me to have a different random complex password for each site which is better then recycling passwords over and over and having all your security BUSTED when a specific website gets hacked.

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all my passwords are phrases plus a password so they are usually 20+ characters long

and mnemonics

Of course it is. The hash on that bastard is insane though so I don't have to worry about it getting broken.

I use [email protected] for all of my passwords.

-John "pedo" Podesta

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I use KeePass with the database file stored on a flash drive that's unattached from a system plus some other places I don't care to mention. I also have a paper copy of all my passwords as a backup.