What do i need when building my pc?

so i just got my parts delivered and not really sure what tools i need to assemble everything.
Do i need anti static wrist strap etc.
Thanks in advance

This is all you need.

An antistatic wristband wouldn't hurt but it's not completely necessary. You can get away without it. Only essential's a screwdriver really.

Sound advise from @SpaceCat.

During the build your enemy is static! It's best to wear tee shirt or a short sleeve shirt and avoid fabrics that can carry a static charge. For the build itself avoid carpets, preferably a tiled or stone floor to stand on. Choose non-conducting a wooden or glass table. Just touch something that is earthed before you start. Beyond that you'll be fine.

Hint, don't over tighten screws. Any one who comes to help you, who has not taken anti-static precautions, tell them to f**k off.

Enjoy your new PC!

Some things that can help alot are:
Double sided tape
Twist Ties and/or cable ties
Alcohol (isopropyl helps too :P)

the only places without carpet in my house are in the kitchen and toilet,does this mean i have to go to my kitchen to build my pc? I will even build my pc naked if thats what it takes to make sure everything is ok!

Plug in your power supply, turn it off, and discharge yourself by touching it before handling any components. You'll be fine. Just don't roll around with your dog on the floor in the meantime.

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Go for the kitchen, if you're in the toilet too long the rest of your family will hate you. Yuck, the thought of you doing a naked build!!! lol

On the other hand, you might be a 25 year old beauty queen. Arrr, that's better, my mind is at peace again.

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To build it all you need is a screwdriver, but if you want it to look nice and what not, I would get velcro straps, twist ties, zip-ties, a variety of different size screw drivers just in case.
I would work on tile or wood flooring and wood or stone counter tops if you can. And if you have any problems that you have troubleshooted and cannot figure out, come back to the forum and there are genius's that will help. They know what they are doing.

Yeah, if you run into any problems during the build, certainly come back here and see if we can't get you sorted out before you do anything drastic like replace parts and get charged restocking/shipping fees.