? what did I do Wrong?

I was refreshing and all those messages came up, If this goes up i guess that I'm not banned YET but something might be wrong.


You're all good.

It's a bug.  Been posted a lot (to the point I'm beginning to question if people actually read posts that aren't their own lol).  You weren't really warned, nor are you in danger of being banned.  

I t usually happens to very new member, as in less than a week new, happened to me at the same stage

I just saw one of those also when I previewed a response to a post I had made.  It wasn't even correct at all... the person who was warned didn't even have a similar name as mine, and I never made any of those posts that were shown on the warning page.  I am not a new member here so it threw me off guard. I'm just gonna assume there is a staff member here on these forums who has been warned about demotion for inactivity, so he/she is just issueing random warnings/bans to up the site logs in his/her favor for demotion avoidance.  Maybe that is just my tinfoil hat side thinking...  Anyhow,  if this is legit just a glitch...does anyone know what I should do to prevent this from happening again, and is it harmful to my software/hardware in any way?

thats to all for your help. :)

Happens to everyone, not just the newbies.  I get it once every 2 days or so.

Again, it's just a bug.  You aren't really getting warned.  It's likely just a database error that allows you to see random warnings that have been given out to various members.  They aren't being applied to you at all.  It's similar to the bug that would display another users name in place of yours at the top of the forum.  It didn't mean you were logged in as another user or had access to their profile, it was just cosmetic.

It'll be fixed when they get around to fixing it.  Until then, just ignore it.  It doesn't impact your ability to use the forum in any way.

Yeah I saw this today too.  Bug.  Same messages, too.