What devices can passthrough to macOS guest workstations on Proxmox?

I’m working on building a system based on the ASRock Fatal1ty to serve a couple macOS guests with dedicated passthrough RX 580 video cards, but I’m also wondering about what other devices I could or should passthrough as well.

Any ideas on this?

I’m guessing I might need to get a couple USB sound devices for one thing as I’m not sure if I can passthrough the Fatal1ty’s audio quite right, but there are other onboard devices I’m wondering about. What really has me concerned is to make sure I run a card or cards that support Handoff and Continuity like the OSXWiFi Mac Pro Broadcom BCM94360CD card as I’m guessing I’ll need to pass them on through to macOS to get success.

I’m passing through a USB bus, so I can have USB dongles for USB and sound. Sound also works through the GPU by the way.