What DE/WM are you using?

I'm curious to see what is the most used here in the forum.

Currently using XFCE on my desktop and Openbox on my laptop.

Xfce. All day, everyday.

KDE with awesome.




No DE just awesome and compton. I really should get around to poking at my awesome config some more...

I see, it's really good indeed

Nice! I find KDE to be too heavy, so i don't use it very much...

I actually don't use the full KDE suite, just enough to get a basic graphical interface. I think I used the kde-base/kdebase-meta package then I brought in other software when I needed it.

Was using BSPWM, switched to awesome for the time being 

Cinnamon 2

Xfce all the way.  Have it on my Manjaro box and my _buntu box (xubuntu, obviously).

I've used bspwm for a bit, but i didn't like to control everything with shortcuts...

XFCE... because of the lack of bullshit. I used Gnome Shell for a long time, but last year RedHat decided to let it's horns show... now I wouldn't go near Gnome Shell in a hazmat suit (keywords: localization, facebook integration, handicapped nautilus, spiked seahorse, ...). Unity in 14.04 is actually better than Gnome 3.12 now, and for the absurd mess that it is, that means a lot.

I also use i3 occasionally on certain machines.

KDE is pretty nice, but too heavy for my taste.

I'm still looking forward to Hawaii Desktop from the Maui project.

AOSP, especially on ART, is also pretty nice.

Facebook Integration? Jesus Christ, is worse than i thought...

ART? Is that the alternative to Dalvik? How much better is it?

f...facebook intergation?

why?.....gnome? the dudes who made the awsomeness that was gnome 2 put... facebook into gnome3?

my favorite desktop was gnome2 but now im using xfce.

OpenBox window manager and no display manager.


I'm using awesome with compton right now on my laptop and have kde on my main pc. I'll probably will set my main pc with awesome too when I get back home.

Unity and cinnamon 2 on my 12.04. I switch to cinnamon when I need to get some work done, otherwise unity.

Mate with  awesome. It works okay i guess.

BSPWM combined with XFCE4. So I can control things with shortcuts when I want to, but still have widgets, and an application menu.

I ditched the display manager too, really had no use for it. I'm running Gentoo with xfce and I replaced thunar w/ midnight commander which really helped cut down the mouse usage which is always good.

removed PolicyKit ConsoleKit, Pam, Networkmanager, udisks, upower -- a bunch of other stuff that just doesn't make sense for me.


Very happy with the result, very happy with the functionality that I obtained w/o selling my soul to...... all the emerging desktop solutions ;)