What custom liquid cooling loop should I get?

I want to cool both my i5 2500k and Diamond Radeon 7870 for about $175ish

For that prive I am not aware of anything that will be able to cool both that GPU and CPU.


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*price not prive...

unpossibru. you could cool your cpu for that price, but a gpu waterblock will be pricey

For that much?  Your best bet is probably to buy two Corsair H80i and a bracket for your GPU from dwood from OCN.

Otherwise just the waterblock for your video card will run you over $100.

Then what about for just a CPU 

actually if I could push my budget to $240 could I get a custom loop for the GPU and CPU?

Your gonna need to bump that to about at least $400 before you can even think of having that kind loop. A decent cpu and gpu block alone will run you near $175-$200 and then you have the pump, res, rad, fittings, tubings to worry about. 

^ what he said.

$240 will get you the blocks, lol.