What CPU?

I have BOTH a Core i5 3570k and AMD FX 8300
I can get a 4.5 oc on the FX and maybe (very possibly) get something closer to 4.6 - 4.7 on the Intel
IF I'm going to be using this computer to multitask gaming and streaming what would be better?
Again this isn't about price! I already have both. I've looked around and It looks like they're neck and neck so I need a really good opinion from you guys!
Here are part picker list of the two systems in question



(SIDE NOTE: If you are curious one system is going to my little sister who is just getting into gaming and the other one is going to my co-host that I stream with)

Why not benchmark both systems yourself and pass on the weaker of the two?

BECAUSE THIS!!! and I'm lazy....

I am going to say it directly.
Intel wins in pure gaming. Now Streaming... That is another thing. I believe the 8 Core will win in streaming, recording, rendering, etc.
Purely gaming - intel wins.
As AMD fanboy i will encourage you to run away from 2 brands of mobos - Asrock and MSI. This is for the AM3+ socket.
I believe, TekSyndicate have exactly the answer to your question in a video form with some benchmarks.

Never had any problems with ASRock, but I agree on MSI.

From my experience, pure gaming intel wins clearly. Throw rendering and recording into the mix, AMD wins.

Actually, i never used AM3+ asrock product, but i have rarely heard of people, happy with their AMD motherboard, until FM sockets. I am now using Asrock, but i still remember there were a lot of AM3/AM3+ complaints from people about Asrock.
MSI - they are really bad... I mean not just specific series or product line. I rarely meet people that have never had issues with their MSI products. GPUs, MOBOs, all have bugs and issues.

how did you paint the front of that case??? is it a spec 01?

Right one is Spec 01 The left one is Thermaltake Commander MS-I Epic Edition BUT I HATE THE TERMALTAKE its so awful, you cant use the top mounts for fans because theyer too close to the MoBo and the rear fan is too high up for a 120mm Rad and in the front thers two mounts for 120mm fans but you can only use one because the front io is in the way

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what mobo do you use for ur i5? i just bought a 4690k, need mobo recommendations

I use asus Sabertooth for my gaming builds, The longevity of them is amazing and great for overclocking! I'd have to say I'm a bit of a loyal customer though (Fanboy)

I already finished the other one

The starting entry-level products from ASRock, of the AM3+ line, like the Pro3 and Extreme3, left some people wanting - mostly because of the VRMs, which did not have a lot of phases or passive cooling.

MSI had a similar issue, except their mosfets wouldn't throttle, which led to a lot of catastrophic failures.