What could you not live without?

So i was wondering what part of your setup or battle station would you hate to lose? excluding pc and monitor etc! so for example like a chair or a light, i don't really know why im posting this im just curious haha, mine would probaly be my mouse pad and i would love a new chair!

My headset. Hearing objects in 7.1 gives you that sense of where stuff is beyond your normal field of vision. Also my hearing is already particular sharp enough to be annoyed by outside noises so they also work to keep annoying stuff out.


The Buddha taught that the root of all suffering is desire, you must liberate oneself from attachment to peripherals. 

my orginaudio volcano speakers

lol, so true.

girls. progress. happyness. beef jerky. physical possibility to create, build and craft.


Oxygen, water and the occasional bit of food...

other than that i'm golden :)

land, air, food, water, clothing, nature. other than that i could live without any technology.

hot sauce. 

I have a bottle of sriracha at arms length from where I'm sitting at this moment and I'm not even joking.