What could cause a pc to shut off automatic

my desktop shut off 2 time in a row when i was gaming on it (i was playing league of legend) it could be hardware overheating but the again my cpu is water cool by a h100 what else cauld cause this

Have you got a GPU? How many chassis fan? If you are water cooling, you still need some fans to cool your motherboard.

overheating power supply? Bad Power Supply? Specs would help


cpu amd fx 6300

gpu Gigabyte 7850

power supplie termaltake TR2 RX 650W

case cooler master 932 advance whit the rear fan remove and the side fan


check temps if too high replace thermal compund

Just throwing some ideas out, they could be complete bollocks :D

there are plenty of symptoms that you would experience before a system shutdown if it was the graphics card and it had approached it's thermal limit.

  • gpu fan going like crazy
  • on screen rendering errors during play
  • amd display driver crashes (black screen for a while and kicked to desktop).

The only time I think I ever suffered system shut down from a graphics card was when one of the capacitors on it had blown, surprisingly it still ran... i just couldn't overclock it any more and had to underclock it a little to get it properly stable... which was fine as it was near end of life anyway.

If you aren't experiencing any of the above then move on to looking at other components for now and come back to it when all other avenues have been exhausted.

How is your cable management?

I think I also experienced system shutdown's due to some wires touching the ram modules (back in the day when I had ram that didnt come with heat sinks on them)... i still havent learned my lesson from this though as my cable management is still horrendously messy :D

I think roughly 65c is the shutdown limit for your cpu, although I am sure you have already checked this.. and unless you have a crazy overclock going on then I cant see your h100 having problems dissipating the heat.

Final thing

  • Check the capacitors of your motherboard
  • Check the capacitors of your graphics card

One tell tale sign without even having to open the case is there is usually a smell of ionization :)

well it look normal but i guest i can look into fixing my cable management it a big mess XD first 

case cooler master 932 advance whit the rear fan remove and the side fan

Thats your problem. You need case fans.

i clean up my radiator on my corsair h100 im going to test if it all good