What Constitutes a Good Monitor?

So I'm very familiar to what constitutes a good CPU, video card, power supply, ram,...so on so forth, but I rarely hear about what constitutes a good monitor. All I know are of refresh rates, resolution and response times.

I know nothing of types, color reproduction, dithering (as Logan has mentioned) and specific hardware that they employ to produce an accurate picture/color etc.


So.....can someone please educate me on the matter?  Thanks  : )

Try out these videos, they helped me.





That was pretty helpful. Thanks.

Must have at least 8-bit color depth per channel (total of 24-bit color depth), must have good viewing angles, so likely an IPS panel, must have a reasonable response time gray-to-gray (5ms or below), must have a reasonable refresh rate (60Hz or above) and it must be at least 1080p or conform to the pixel density of a 24" 1080p display, which is the suggested minimum density for a good computing experience.

Ok, I'll keep those things in mind. Thanks.