What console exclusives get you *closest* to considering a PS4 or Xbone?

I haven't followed any E3 stuff or console game announcements, but a new Infamous or Red Dead Redemption sequel; those were the only games I really wish had a PC release. I played them on my old roommate's PS3 and they were good enough for me to ignore the shitty feeling of using a controller to aim.

The original spyro's you know the only ones that exist and ever will.

I didn't even know there were sequels. Last and next gen consoles don't support backwards compatibility, so you'd need a PS1 or an emulator on a PC to play it anyway, right?

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts

Wait they won't support backwards compatibility?

that's right next gen ps1!

Yeah. Even digitally distributed games from X360/PS3 generation won't be supported. It's a real shame, considering PCs have backwards (Win95, DOS) and diagonal (Amiga, MSX) compatibility using emulators.

kingdom hearts 3

The Crew I think was an exclusive? I want that game so much, well at least if it turns out that you can tweak the cars as much as they made it out you could. I want to put 4 different springs on in my suspension, or bore out only 3/4 of the cylinders in the engine. I just hope so much I can play that game and nerd out with tweaking tuning settings and suspension/ride heights. That's literally all I do when I play Gran Turismo, I hate the whole shopping cart thing that GT does though, just buy the most expensive stuff and go, I want to be able to customize EVERYTHING. If they get that right I'll buy 5 copies of that game.


Ratchet and Clank. 

If I had expendable money resources, MGS5 and Ratchet and Clank. But I don't have that kind of money, so I guess I'll just have to miss out.

Hmm, liferescripted made me think I should have posted a different topic: how much would you gladly pay for a console, without feeling ripped off? On PC, we get the best bang for our buck, so I know I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to cost. I'd probably spend $150 for a PS4, $100 or less for an Xbone. It's terribly unrealistic, but I wouldn't get much more than that amount of value out of the things, even if the games I wanted were available.

I don't think backward compatible is a big deal going forward. After like a year that is not even an arguement with emulators on pc are out for it. Wasn't that a selling point for the ouya? Emulators yo.

The fact one system has more or less exclusives to me is dumb cause PC beats both consoles combine with a order of magnitude more games.

PC killed the console star.

I would even bet an emulator will quickly be hacked with the new consoles because they are so close to being PC HW.

"The Last of Us" is probably the only title that would make me consider to go and buy a console.

All seriousness? Kingdom Hearts III. The first two of those chewed up so much of my time as a kid and a preteen, then as a teen. 

The PS3 suppoerted PS1 games. and First Gen PS3 even supported PS2.

Kingdom Hearts 3 AND MGS5 will be on BOTH the PS4, AND Xbone. So. Yeah. And theres a good chance that MGS5 will be on PC as well.