What components for Freenas ZFS server

Hey guys, I want to build my own data storage server for my local 10GB network. Any recommendations for a good motherboard, a processor and ECC memory stick/sticks? Do I need a RAID controller or will HBA adapters be fine? Or do I need both? What HBA adapter is cheap and good?

I live in Europe, so I don’t have access to that many components :frowning:

You’ll want an HBA or a raid card that can be flashed into HBA mode.
The more ram you can get the better the performance you’ll get.
cpu / mobo / etc recommendations can vary depending on the workload you intend to have.

how much money do you want to spend?
make a shopping list

As others have already pointed out it really depends on a lot of factors that you didn’t really include with the question.

Do you intend to fully saturate the 10Gb connection or would you be fine with something like a half or a quarter of that?
If you aim for a quarter you can likely get away with HDDs in RAID 10 but if you want the full throughput you’re looking at RAID 100 or SSDs, or both - and hardware to match all of that.

How much usable capacity are you looking for?

Is data redundancy not at all important, somewhat important or profoundly important?

Do you intend to use it for a specific purpose, eg. storing a ton of high-res video or a database, or just a bit of everything?

It’s really difficult to recommend anything without knowing exactly what you want to achieve here.

Just because you live in Europe it doesn’t really mean you’re limited in terms of what hardware you can get, it’s not like we live in a desert. Surely there are brands that aren’t sold here but are common in the US, but the same is just as true the other way around.

I plan on using either RAID5 or RAID6, with a SSD cache drive, so no, I don’t plan on using the entire 10GB line. When using Freenas, it is obvious it’s for data integrity and data redundancy. I don’t know how much data I’ll be holding, that’s a niche question but I’ll begin with 4x8TB and work my up way when bigger hard drives become cheaper. Why would it matter if I plan to store videos or everything, data is data and I don’t plan on watching 4K movies with Plex over the network because that’d require a very expensive motherboard and CPU, but I do plan on listening to music from my server over the network. My budget is around 1000€ but I already have the hard drives, and a 190GB SSD (will I need a bigger SSD and why?). I plan on using a Fractal Design case which I already have in the basement too.

Also, I don’t really need hotswap bays… I’ll just turn off the server and replace the drives.

I built my new one on with a Ryzen 5 cpu and a taichi board and I am running a similar setup using Fedora.

I built it in the new Fractal Design R6 which I would recommend unless you need more then 10+ drives. It comes with 6 hdd trays but there is space for more. Also its whisper quiet with the stock cooler on the ryzen 5 cpu.

The taichhi board has 8 or 10 sata connectors on board (can’t remember of the top of my head) with a m.2 cache drive i got around 980MB/S write over nfs with 10gb card xD

Ryzen do have limited ECC support but its not nessrcary and has been discussed at length other places.

Could you link the mobo, thanks :slight_smile: I’ve been looking at Ryzen too. Afaik, ECC works with Ryzen but not when it comes to correcting 2-bit errors.

Sure data is data but there’s still a difference between a lot of small random reads/writes and large sequential reads/writes. But yeah I guess you would have stated “database server” if that was the case.

I would recommend you go for RAID 6 and not 5. After all if a single drive fails in a RAID 5 the process of rebuilding the RAID is pretty risky, if a drive fails during the rebuild you’re completely screwed. The more and the larger drives you add the higher the risk of a RAID 5 not providing any redundancy in the end. But I guess you are aware of those differences.

I personally recommend RAID 5 or 6 and then just buy a stack of used drives. It’s cheap and that’s what RAID is meant for. Works really well for home media stuff. Pretty much anything can run RAID.

Where in my original post did I ask what type of RAID to use?

At what point did you decide to choose ZFS if it might not be the best option? It obviously seems you are having trouble acquiring the parts needed to build a sufficient ZFS file server. Just my two cents.

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It’s almost like that is the point of this thread, don’t you think? Nowhere in my original post did I ask for what type of RAID to use, and now you’re complaining about the topic of this thread. Interesting.

I’m not complaining I honestly don’t care. You posed a problem in which you wanted a ZFS server for your 10gbe network. You live in Europe and have trouble accessing components. I recommended that an alternative for ZFS is RAID and here’s what I would do. Why the fuck are you whining so much because I recommended RAID?

Do you always enter threads to give unrelated, off-topic answers while throwing tantrums?

I’d suggest going with a stripped mirror (raid10) rather than raidz2 (RAID6) if you’re only going to have 4 drives it’s the same amount of parity but the performance will be much better.

It’s not really the same amount of parity. If the wrong two drives in RAID10 fail, then all of the data will be gone.