What color prodigy should i buy?

Can't decide what color to get. White looks very nice and has a nice mac feel to it. But black will match all my parts i want to get.

Matching your parts with your case looks very clean. However, a white case with black hardware would also look luxurious. Reminds me of an Audi :P 

The black Prodigy has a better front intake. The front face is a mesh, rather than a soft touch material.

You could buy the black one, then put a big 230mm fan LED at the front.

As aforementioned, the black prodigy will give you better airflow (may be slightly louder too with all that mesh). Personally I like the yang colour scheme (white with black handles).

black with white parts or white with black parts


White with black parts does sound nice

well i pray for gigabyte  M-ITX sniper mobo ><!!!!


Get the "Yin" Model!  You get the best of both worlds, good airflow from the black front, and a white case!