What chipset should I get?

So, whats a good motherboard that can handle a i5-4670k for under $80. The story is my friend saving for a build and wants to upgrade in the future and hes starting off with a i3-4130. So what motherboard/chipset can handle both of them around $80. (He'll get a better one in the future on of course) oh and it has to be Micro-ATX



for an i5-4670K  you are better buying a decent Z87 chipset board. but you won´t find one under $100. all other chipsetboards H87 H81 B85 etc is a waste of money, wenn you wanne buy a i5- K version, because the overclock feutures on those cheap motherboards, are nearly ZERO. if you plan to cheap out on a motherboard, when buying a B85, H81 Q87 or H87 board.  then buy a i5-4670 NON k, otherwise you trowing money in the river.

Its rediculous by the way that intel brings out 6 diffrent chipsets for theire new platform.

Grtz Angel ☺