What cheap extra's to buy for PC w/ $5 giftcard?



Here's my current build, I just got a $5 newegg giftcard, anything extra I should/could throw in that's cheap? If it's a little over $5 I don't mind throwing in a few bucks, but closer is better.


Or should I just use it on my next purchase? :)

LED lighting is cheap if you want to light up your system.

Any specific ones I should get or stay away from? Or just any cheap LED sticky lights?

I know there's NZXT Hue, but that's like $20-30 I think and I don't really need something so fancy as that. I was thinking of getting just some White LED's to light it up.

I say just save it for your next purchase.

Actually like 1920.1080 said, it's probably better to wait until you buy another component and use it as a discount rather than buy gimmicky things just for the sake of using it. 

to play devil's advocate, I've read somewhere to the tune of 60 billion $$$ in gift cards never get used due to A) people losing them, B) people forgetting about them, C) hidden depreciation, D) offer validation terminating from waiting too long to use them...

I'm not sure of NewEgg's policies regarding gift card depreciation or length of validity, but something to keep in mind

It lasts 90 days.

these look cool see if you think there any good http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=led+lights+for+pc&N=-1&isNodeId=1

Does your keyboard or mouse hook up via USB? Because a USB to PS/2 converter is cheap and effective.

Got mine for $0.77 a few days ago and it's almost here:


Edit: Whoops! You said Newegg.

Well, the link is still pretty cool XD

I would agree with keeping the gift card and using it as $5 off your next major purchase.

I ended up getting my brother's christmas present for him w/ it.


Paid 96 cents after the gift card lol. Good stuff.