What Chasis would you recommend?

Hey guys. I'm having troubles choosing a case for my new build. And even though I know it's different from person to person, what case would you recommend?

NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower

Corsair 500R Mid Tower

Fractal Design Refine R4 Mid

If you have some pros and cons, maybe some experience I'd apreciate it :)

Im using the Define R4, its probabaly one of the most solid cases ive ever laid hands on, everything except the front bezel is steel and the built in fan controller, 2x 140mm fans and that fact that its a silence case are a great set of features.

With all thats said a lot of owning a case is personal prefrence, i prefered the sleek/minimalistic look thats why i bought the define R4.

Ya, well thanks. I've also heard alot of good about it... But i've heard alot of good with all of them :P

They're all the same case with a different front bezzel. Just pick one that is aesthetically pleasing to you. If you're going to do some quiet computing the R4 is the obvious choice, i think the 500R is the biggest of the 3 (not sure seeing as the phantom is pretty big on the inside). 

I have the 500R and absolutely love it, the only down side is the lack of space behind the MB tray for cable management. But Its nothing a little creativity cant handle lol


Fractal Design R4.  No contest but that's just my opinion.  BeyondNight already laid out all the details.  Silent, high air flow and minimalistic.  There's a massive amount of space for cables behind  the motherboard tray.  Plus there's a windowed version.

Corsair 500R would have been a decent runner-up case if it was like half the price but $130 for plastic is not worth it.

NZXT 410 just looks too tacky but has some nice features.

Well this weekend it is almost half price about $80

Then buy it if you want to, i got mine for 90 and it was well worth it, plus theyre customer serrvice is amazing, i had a fan go a bit wonky (which is now working fine) and because it was wierd they just decided to send me another fan anyway!

I use the 500R and i absolutely love it. However, from what I've heard, the R4 is a little better because it is optimized for silence and it's cheaper. Personally, I'd stay away from the NZXT (plastic). If you are looking for a large case and plan on using just stock fans, go with the 500R. You'll get better cooling options and it's a very well built case. Go for the R4 if you're looking for silence. Both are great cases.