What changes(if any) would you have made to the ROTT launch to make it not be so close to dead already?

Ya know aside from the whole run like butt on amd chips.


I'd say guns. Not just the whole only hold one rocket launcher BS(yeah I know the original ROTT was like that but I disliked it then too and it didn't have the same expectations from everyone this one did) but also the types of guns. I mean look at quake and UT so many different types of guns and you can hold them all. Not all rocket launcers, or pistols and one smg, but lightening gun/sniper rifle, mini-gun, nail gun, ect. Honestly thats the reason I lost interest in the game within a couple hours, got sick of the limited weapons. 


Other than that, organize an online launch day all day play event for it, a mini tourny if you will, to get the community off to a big start.  The game did have the hype for such an even I think.


What would you do were you incharge? 

I think you have a pretty good take on things here. I personally can't think of myself in such position but would have like to see what you've labled.

I would say that if you went in expecting anyhting else then what the original was then you were going to be disappointed. They stayed true to the original so I am not going to blame them for that. And they never let me believe anything else.

I would say that the biggest problem was the performance(and not only for AMD, it was a problem for all sorts of different systems). It didn't help that the first patch was released on different times.

Multiplayer wasn't going to be big anyway. It is unbalanced mess and they knew it very well. It was just meant for a fast paced fun mess.

They need to release a dedicated Linux server tool, the mod creation kit, and some bug fixes.

I've put off playing it again until the performance patch comes out. According to one of the devs that should be any day now. That was really my only complaint. I agree about the limited guns but that isn't a huge problem for me, I still enjoyed the game as it was for the most part. 

they had problems with their 3rd party patching company. they cancelled their contract.