What chair to get?

I spose this might be the best place for this, what chair should I get?

Like what budget is a decent budget for a chair?

Right now I'm looking to spend maybe 100 max on whatever feels best at an office depot.

But is something like a DX racer/Maxnomic chair worth the cost at all? It seems like, though I don't think there's anyway I'd get to try one out before buying.

and craigslist is always an option but I'd rather just get something new for once.

For some reference I've been sitting in a pretty comfy recliner for a while, it's nice but it takes up too much space and isn't very workable.

From everything I've seen, $1K is a great minimum if you don't want to replace it within 5 years max.

Edit: with the possible exception of DXRacer and similar. I don't have enough info to be firm on that, but I suspect at least some of them are much better than the similarly priced non-gaming oriented competition.

Let's not get crazy.

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They say "Spend your money where you spend your time, your body will thank you"

Ya but my body is so not worth a thousand dollars.

Not a Judas one or a Tiger one...

Doesn't seem so bad, it's certainly more comfortable than a lot of chairs out there right now.


I'm looking for a chair as well. Definitely an annoying thing to shop for as, like you mentioned, many times you arent able to even sit in the product before you purchase it when buying from some manufacturers.

I found this article when doing some quick research, but other than the obvious Herman Miller chairs, I'm pretty lost at the moment.

Anyone else have recommendations?

I dunno, Hopefully I've no work today so I can head over to office depot to do some intense sitting.

Here's a good option, I'd recommend considering spending the extra money for it. Anything you can get for 100$ will just break down and need to be replaced in a year or two, it just doesn't make sense

Yeah I would also recommend 200 as a minimum. I am saving for an M-Series DX Racer.

Well sorry to disappoint, ended up getting a chair supposedly on sale from $150 to $100, I'll see if I can find a link in a bit. It was pretty comfy though, only thing it can't do is directly recline, but alas it seemed like a pretty decent deal, leather as well with pretty firm padding. Though I'll be throwing a blanket over it naturally.

I believe this was it.

I'm thinking about getting a chair too, it's a hard thing to decide on without actually trying them out.

yep. we need tek syndicate chair reviews from Wendell/Logan on the hardware channel. They could do "durability" tests too :D

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That would be awesome. I have seen a few threads about chairs here lately.

The only real issue would be assigning grades for feel and comfort when those characteristics are so personalized to individuals, but I guess they could come up with some sort of comfort index like they have in car reviews. It could be like Alex on Auto's "trunk comfort index" :D

Best way to do it would just be direct comparisons against other chairs, perhaps cheaper ones. Though I believe they have just about all the body types covered at least.

A man needs three things in life.

  • A good chair
  • A good bed
  • A good pair of shoes.

If you're not in one you're in one of the other.

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Are you for sale? I've been needing a new body