What cellphone do you have?

Samsung Ace


lol at the idiot who gave it 1 star.

iphone here

MOTO KRZR K1, iPhone, and Asus P750.

I got a SE W810i.

I had a W700i but it got damaged and the mobile company changed it FREE with the W810i :P

Verizon Audiovox CDM-8945. The picture below isn't mine, but it's the same model, and tells exactly why I hate it. I can charge it for hours on end, and it dies in 15 minutes.


@ god of hell lol you a little be hind in technology dude

Verizon.. Verizon.. Never heard of... HAH! XD

@ Sgt. Bannanas

Sir yes sir.

lol I'm poor. It's actually not even mine, it's my moms, she never uses it though. I only use it at night because we have about 600 daytime minutes per month. You should see my computer. As a matter of fact, here's one now, Compaq Presario 5004US.


They don't make em' shitty like they used to.

make sure you dont charge your phone unless its down to one bar of battery life left. constantly charging them will kill the time that the battery can hold a charge.

edit: double post ftw

Hmm, what the hell else am I supposed to get then lol. I hate "smart phones" they all don't work worth shit but I want all the features lol.

Must I say it again?

Nokia N-Gage. I'm a true gamer, and you are all smartphone-bearing phagots.

u seriously have an n gage that weired shaped taco like phone i remeber they used to sell it at gamestop