What cellphone do you have?

i was just wondering and like more tech related threads so yah i will start off with my phone the sony ericsson TM506 from tmobile my first sony ericsson i have ever had and i am really impressed

i upgraded form a sidekick 3 (fucking hated the thing) i though it was cool but it blows ass

Hopefully getting an iPhone in the near future. Don't troll me.

Nokia N-Gage.

i got some free phone motorola phone from tmobile lol

the best phone i've ever had was back in 2004 when i got some tyte nokia phone from the philippines that didn't come out in the US until a year or so later. it had a really good camera (at the time) and even recorded some video. but now i want an iphone or some nice phone that browses the internet as well as the iphone and has an actual headphone jack.. unlike the new google phone :/

samsung SGH-280, its only available in Japan, so im like the only kid in my school who has one lol

where the hell did u get one mike i googled it and there was noting that came up lol japan FTW!

Moto KRZR K1

Motorola E398 @ ROKR E1

LG Dare

suck it iPhone

I wanna get rid of my iphone and get something simpler, I was really hoping the games and apps apple would release would be cool, but its the same recycled shit over and over again + tilting your phone for controls. Also is it just me or has your iphone been getting REALLY buggy, mine crashes about 3 times in a day using safari on the RTW site.

Sony W580i

oooops sorry George, i got it confused, the official name is SGH-E840

A Samsung, only available in Japan? Wtf? Lol. Samsung=Korea, therefore available in Korea. And upon further inspection, I believe Helio provides those phones. Lol.

nokia n95

an amazing sony ericsson w800 :o

Dewality! DONT! I have the iPhone, you get tired of it after 2 weeks, trust me!

Well.. bought a new phone yesterday! :D

Sony Ericsson W595, love it.

sony ericsson makes some really nice phones

I will buy iPhone soon.

sony ericsson was the only brand of phone id buy then they started making crap phones and i got and have now the BlackJack II (red) and i never want another phone again

I have a Sidekick 3.

Don't tell me to get an LX, I hate how boxy they are lol