What case would you choose?

Here's my build and i'm kinda stuck on getting a case. What would you choose? 



Corsair 200R

Corsair C70

Fractal R4

Fractal Arc Midi

well i'm trying to stay in my $1000 range for the build total.

I know i'm going to be getting some good deals on parts on black friday and cyber monday so i'm okay with going a bit over. 

My dream case has always been a Corsair 650D. It's large, sleek, and functional. I love the external SATA HDD mount on the top of it. I've had to open my computer case and make-shift plug a HDD in for testing overnight too many times, so that port would be awesome to have. Also, it's Corsair so you won't get anything but the best in my opinion.

If you're really strapped for cash on this build, I.E. you can't go even one dollar over your total budget, I'd say the NZXT Source 210.

If you're willing to go a little over, then I'd recommend the Corsair 200r.

If you're willing to go ~$40 over, then I'd recommend either the Fractal Design Define R4 or the Arc Midi R2.

corsair air 540

You really can't go wrong with any Corsair or NZXT case.