What case should I get?

I currently have an NZXT Phantom 410 white and am out of space. I would like room for two rads for a custom water cooling loop and plenty of air flow. The case I am using now is big but I have a lot I would like to add and am out of room. I like the Fractal Design Arc XL and Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 but don't know if even they would give me the space I am looking for. Any recommendations?


Also once I get a new case my Phantom 410 will be for sell im thinking $75. 

I swear by the 540 - More room then I could ever hope to consume, good build quality and most of all you can tell immediately it's just well thought out.



That is just pretty. 

Thank you :)

if you got the money,you could definately take a look at the Corsair 900D it has a ridiculous amount of space,also check the Cosmos 2 and the Rosewill Throne