What card do you think is best?

Well, I lied.

I said I wouldn't bother you lot about my new system a little while ago.


I've been browsing Amazon for similar/better cards at roughly the same price, and I found one that tickles my central nervous system (wait what)

It's the r7 260x.

I am currently thinking of the Gigabyte 2GB GTX650TI (possibly the boost maybe) OC.

Also, it appears that there are two versions of the 260x, the ASUS one (the better one) and the Sapphire card.

My mobo supports Crossfire (20 x16 lanes, one in x16, the other in x4)

My PSU supports Crossfire too (550w XFX Core)

The aim here is to see if I can use the R7 with cross fire, eventually getting the same card in the next year when I have more money.

What card do you think is best? I might have some spare £s floating around that I can use. Luckily, I can save some money after I recovered from a hard drive failure (only in windows, ubuntu shows my data)

Here are some links:

ASUS R7 260X:


Sapphire R7 260X:


Gigabyte GTX650TI:


EVGA GTX650TI Boost:



Thanks for your help, and sorry for the long page.



 I think this would be the best deal

your power supply is rather... weak for multiple cards...however, the r7 260x is about equivalent to a 7790, methinks, and should work fine for most games on high

Thanks for the replies.

I had a look at the 7850, and to be honest, it looks like the GTX 650 TI is better. But that's just me looking at specs.

I'm still not sure. I now know I can't really do Crossfire, so that's not a problem. If it were to be an Nvidia card vs. an AMD card, what would you say?

The main problem now is that I am even more confused. 6 cards to choose! I want to get the best card for my system to run at 1920x1200.

I'd take a 7850. Maybe a 660.

Okay. I take it back, I think I will be buying the Gigabyte AMD card. Thanks for the help, this place is great!