What can one do with Python?

I am starting to dive into python, but have no idea what the language can actually do. According to some people I know it is used for quick programming that is less efficient but quick. Still have no idea what the language can do for me, so I would like to get an idea of what the language can do. Thank you!

  • Physicists at CERN & NASA and engineers at Google & Yahoo use Python for scientific computing, mathematics, simulation, etc.
  • Web development (Django, Twisted, etc).
  • Game design.
  • Animation (Blender, Lightwave, etc).
  • Operating system standard language (Linux, FreeBSD, OS X) and is the standard for Raspberry Pi.
  • Applications (LibreOffice, Portage, Ubiquity, etc). 

Thank you for informing me. I was just wondering since I had no idea what python's potential was.