What Can My CCNA Discovery 1 and 2 Degree Do For Me

Well I know their is ccna discovery 3 and 4, but what other degrees are their?





The CCNA Discovery 1 and 2 are not degrees. They are just classes you can take and get a certificate that you passed them. If you mean, "What can getting my CCNA certification do for me?" then I would say a lot. If you get it the legit way you can open a lot of doors in the world of IT. Most likely a Cisco/Network Engineer. However, most jobs like that require a lot of hands on work related experience. 

I personally have my A+ Certification and part of my Net+ Cert completed. I also have all my Cisco Exploration 1-4 classes and Cisco Discovery 1-4 classes completed. 

I hope this helps.

My highschool offers computer repair (which is what I am taking now) and web design.I know computer repair is a cisco class but it only is reviewing bascis like what the motherboard is and cpu is. Is their a more advanced class in collage for computer repair. 

I have also been told that i can intern at a isp. Will this look good on my resimae or no

Also, will my ccna discovery 1 and 2 do anything for me alone or will have to finish ccna discovery 3 and 4.






you need experience so you can leverage those cerftificates you have or are going to get. i would recommend you try to get any job that is computer related, do not turn down internships as well. in the world of IT, experience is what sets you apart.