What can I do with a drone without going to jail?

I have read quite a few articles, and heard the jokes on the channel about what you can and can’t do with a drone. From my understanding, drones are allowed everywhere except for where they are not. This includes parks, prisons, air ports, certain government buildings that house 3 letter agencies.
I also have the understanding that poisonous gas, explosives and flame throwers can not be drone mounted. The thought never crossed my mind before, but apparently someone did it and there’s a law about that now…


I do wonder about drone mounting.
If the device stays on your property, i’m Not sure they would be able to do anything?

Beyond weapons, there is tools, like the flamethrower drone features on the L1News, but imagine shears or a chainsaw for tree surgery, or a nail gun for panelling, or a paint sprayer for house painting.
These would be tools, but some might be dangerous, possibly moving into weapon territory.
I guess they’ll have to draw a line?

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I could see a flame thrower being used as a tool for foliage or insect removal. I can also see certain applications for poisons in the same sense. Weed-B-Gone or a fire ant or killer bee poison. But if you live in Connecticut, you can never use your own drone to its full potential.


It depends on local laws and regulations where you live.


This is the best and only acceptable answer.

People of the Internet:

Stop asking random people on the Internet for legal advice.


Anything you want if you don’t film it


Is there specific regulation about filming?

It’s called not getting caught and providing evidence of your guilt

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Just wondering about different sources and information. I’m not hiring someone from the forum as my lawyer

No, but you asked what you can do without going to jail. I interpret that to be in the same line as “What VPN should I use in China” or “Hosting PLEX on campus without getting expelled” questions.

You didn’t provide any information as to where you live, effectively making all responses in this thread worthless. I recommend following the advice of @w.meri and checking with your city and state to see what they allow and don’t allow. If it’s not explicitly stated, tread lightly. I.E. if there isn’t a law prohibited motor oil being transported on your drone, use your best judgement as to what the repercussions could be for doing so.

If you have to ask, chances are it’s not worth it. Find an FAQ or page from your city that makes statements, don’t listen to police, county clerks, or people on the Internet.


Well the original students who mounted their flame thrower to their drone didn’t get in any trouble because there were no laws previously restricting it. Maybe I’m looking for more of this kind of suggestion…

Am I correct in that you are asking for recommendations of things to do with a drone that may be illegal in the future? That’s what it’s reading like to me.

If you are I would suggest you not. Potentially illegal and or dangerous acts generally don’t fly on this forum.

Read your local and federal drone laws and understand them. Just because something isn’t written word for word as being illegal does not mean you can’t get in trouble because of it if something goes awry.

Can’t hunt with one in Texas unless you are disabled.

If you buy one used pay cash…sign nothing :slight_smile:

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Or build you can 3d print a lot of parts.


I wonder if there is a yellow tracking dots feature analogue in 3d printing?

That’s just sad… I was about to recommend a drone war but that would involve flame throwers… unless you mount a pistol on it and go to some sort of shooting range… would be hard to find something stiff enough to drop the hammer… but it should be doable

btw: use tracer rounds at evening and paint the drone like some starwars ship if possible

I guess research the local laws. because even doing the right thing with out facts a law enforcement officer may like start hooking your up with charges or fines that dont make sence.


Just have to mount a realy big gun, a few missles and flares, then sell it to the military.

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