What Bugs You About Windows OS?

With the announcement that Windows will be coming out with a major release every three years (with “feature drops every few months”, it got me thinking that instead of adding new features no one wants, they should fix some of the long standing issues that bug people daily.

Here’s my take on one such feature that needs tweaking.

On multi-display systems, if I click the Start button on monitor two to open File Explorer (or browser, or utility, or whatever) , the window opens on Monitor 1, the primary. Usually Monitor 1 has a game up and running so now I have to minimize the game, move the File Explorer and maximize the game.

If I click on the Start button for Monitor 2, open the selected program on Monitor 2!

So what else should MS fix before introducing new features?

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Bring photo viewer back to Windows Server!


I’d just want a “core” Windows version without any “useful apps”, telemetry sh… that by default violates GDPR etc. but has all “real features” under the hood enabled (i. e. RDMA).

I know that there are mods that claim to reach such a state but Windows Updates seem to f them over.


I remember having Special Corporate Windows Images at Work. They came without anything really…but cant remember the specific name. Microsoft used to have These Editions for “proper” customers.

And these useful apps are recommended by Microsoft (along with Edge) to give you the best user experience.


An option to modularize Windows and actually uninstall (and not just delete an icon) unwanted “features” is the dream. Something like Server Manager, but for IE / Edge / Cortana… Who needs XBox apps on Enterprise OS?


I actually use the XBox Gamebar option to make screen recordings for user instructions :sweat_smile:
Great built-in option, because I don’t need to install 3rd party software to just make a quick recording.

Seriously though. I’d really like to get all the junk like the candy crush games stuff out of there. I don’t need your facebook or whatever app, I just want an OS without the junk like that.
Ideally without the telemetry, but I doubt we’ll get there unless the EU actually starts taking action instead of meaningless fines (which they should know by now don’t work).

How about a Useful windows store, that would have all the apps they might have released across their vast library, available for desktop and server.
Obviously paid apps would be neutered until license key, but a single repo for MS software?

I mean, I hear there is a windows store, but I have no idea if for example sysinternal suite is in there, or vscode or other stuff.

and they could do a chocolatey style scriptable cli version/front end for it…

I mean, Linux server distro’s can basically be re-bloated to desktop versions…

I thought the Windows Store was just Malware

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I remember opening it to get WSL. which was really rubbish at the time, and haven’t explored it since…

But MS have some Really good software. they have so much potential for good, and even to earn money doing it.

That bugged me too, I did find a fix (not for Win server though):

I’ve got the reg file and it worked perfectly…thank god!

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(tried to type on my PC keyboard while using my laptop lol) Remove the RAM hogging and CPU hogging for 0 god damn reasons. And un-mess the Defender, cuz it keeps false detecting steam games.

ALSO FIX YOUR STUPID MBR, THIS IS THE 3RD TIME IT CORRUPTED FOR NO REASON D8< I swapped to linux since the 3rd time cuz my gpu drivers shot itself back to void and I couldn’t care less.

  • Its an ad platform now. You get fucking ads on your god damn start menu! On a system you’ve paid for.
  • Dark patterns everywhere.
  • Have you tried Edge lately? Why don’t you try Edge? Here I know you have setup this other browser but let me open edge for you so you can see how awesome it is!
  • Finally decided to open Edge? Here is an annoying WIZARD to enable the best experience on edge. No you can’t use it until you at least cancel this wizard.
  • Oh you just updated. Let me add this weather widget nobody asked for to your taskbar. You don’t like it? Oh just take some of your time and concentration to read all the context menu options and find out how to disable it (we put it on a submenu btw).
  • Oh you’re playing games. Let me interrupt your gaming session to show you about this awesome game bar.
  • UI is not consistent. This is a well known fact.
  • Powershell will never be bash. I had a huge headache this week because out of nowhere Get-Content | ConvertTo-Json combo were adding a fuckaton of ridiculous unnecessary metadata to the resulting Json. Why was this happening? Powershell 5.1 and 7.x handle this totally different and I had to develop for both scenarios. If you don’t have a fucking consistent behavior across version then out with this trash.
  • You click on the motherfucking powershell window and it pauses your script. No warnings. No joke if you don’t know about this feature you will stay there looking like an idiot waiting for your command to complete.
  • Oh you want to use the linux subsystem thing? The way tools treat things like carriage returns is totally schizophrenic.

Seriously, from my perspective and use case Microsoft Bonzi Buddy OS is a total amateur mess.

Oh how could I forget:

  • Dark patterns during user creation that even calls local accounts a “degraded experience”.

Our Work computers get adverts in the Lock Screen. It is pretty bad for a paid product.

We miss 7, and have no apps that did not work on 7.

But, can’t stick with a less-and-less secure platform that isn’t getting updates. And no-one has time for Linux in the work space…

I don’t know what I’m doing right (or wrong), but I’ve never seen any adverts using Win10? Haven’t done a debloatware thing, just tidy up the start menu. I do have the Pro version, if that makes a difference? I don’t get constant demands to use Edge either, may be when a big update happens but that’s about it.

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The best ads are the ones which are subtle and blend into the environment. So users like you don’t feel uncomfortable. Marketing and advertising is mostly about psychology

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Ah, naughty. I’m going to see if I can find any now, the hunt is on!

I haven’t really used windows since XP, but here’s the things that annoy me when I have to give support to someone.

  • No netinstall that downloads the latest updated files.
  • Have to create at outlook account to install. (I think)
  • Not being able to remove parts and functions you don’t want.
  • Ever changing UI. I’m old and grumpy, I’d like to be able to turn on a Windows2000 UI. Preferably turn off the ribbon UI that I just find confusing.
  • Moving settings around
  • Ever update takes more space. (Yes yes, disk is cheap. Still annoys me.)
  • Doing a lot of things in the background without being able to turn it off.
  • I decide when to reboot.
  • I decide what browser is the default one.
  • Download mystery dll from somewhere on the net and put it in c:\windows\system.
  • No package installer by default.
  • Finding drivers on the net.
  • No containerization. (The virtual sandbox is good though.)
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Hmm… I have a bunch of MS-certificates(using openSUSE as daily driver)…

Maybe most annoying on top what is already written in the tread above:
-The ability from MS to create new proprietary things and then call them “standards” :wink:

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What bugs me the most of Windows OS?

Well that it´s not Windows Seven anymore.
Because 7 is a nice number that…


after using linux for a while… not a lot.
sure i aint a fan of the telemetry or the lets give you this even though you didnt want it, downloads.
point and click with gui’s for everything is just so much easier than trying to decipher top or htop.

no having to sudo a simple delete folder and contents along with subtree’s
yeah thats just better.

that out the way…
the driver support is hit and miss for things like windows 7 certified webcams.
with the only thing stopping them being installed is added certification.
basically the driver still works as does the cam but win 10 wont install the driver because the manufacturer wont update the signing requirements after microsoft changed them.

the group policy editor needs integrating with the accounts manager.

servers and listeners for things like rdp and smb should be off by default…
there shouldn’t be anything connecting to the web i do not sanction, control or start myself.

windows file system… doesnt really allow for reading external disk formats.
(back in the day you could stick a dos disk into an amiga and read it, but you couldnt stick an amiga disk into a dos machine and do the same). i would like that to change.

windows does its level best to lock you out of the stack.
its my computer, if i want to hack it, i should be able to.
its how gates got rich, but ever since, he and his company have been doing there level best to make sure you cant do that.

yeah there’s plenty of other reasons like keylogging searches, resetting of privacy choices and ongoing privacy violations…
but its still easier to use than linux for joe public and until that changes.
windows will keep getting more bloat and invasive.
simply because it has no real competition in linux and the law hasn’t caught up.