What brand gtx 770?

i will be getting a gtx 770 2gb. i have been looking at the evga one, but i have no clue of which one to get. price is not an issue with these. i just want the best gtx 770 2gb my money can buy without water cooling. i am also going to overclock the hell out of my card. so which is the best and why? (ps. the pny seems to have the fastest clock speed without overclocking)

The EVGA GeForce GTX 770 Classified is one of the best for overclocking but it has 4 GB of memory rather than 2 GB.

If you only want a 2 GB GTX 770, I would get the EVGA 770 Superclocked with the ACX Cooler.

The EVGA 770 SC with ACX is the best in my opinion, and it looks awesome. Right now is on sale in amazon. 45 bucks of savings.

thats what i was thinking


I just got the Gigabyte Windforce 770 yesterday. It's pretty amazing and good price


I got the EVGA 770 SC with ACX  its a good card runs nice and quiet and cool

SC ACX Clocks well. If money was not an issue I would go with the classified. Its suppost to have better power delivery. And if you want to keep it longer than say 2 years. For SLI or what ever 2GB will start to peg out by then. Even at 1080P. You can blame super hi resolution textures. A few upcoming games with true 4K support likes to eat the frame buffer. If you plan on replacing by 2016 then the ACX Superclocked is the way to go.

Feel like I have to keep saying that. I keep running into people that want to keep there cards 4 to 5 years.

Any EVGA 770's. Basically when buying any nvidia Geforce card right now, Buy EVGA. best warranty, best customer service and some of the best performance.

I would wait a month or so, 870 should be around the corner and looks like the 880 will be a lot cheaper than the 780 was.

Good Idea. Slipped my mind.

880 will be a replacement for the 770 and will be slightly cheaper (rumour has it)

I don't understand the logic here.  The 880 should be a stronger card, in fact stronger than the 780.  I have heard that the 870 is similar to 780 performance.

I believe the current rumor mill has it set that the 880 is based off the 770 chip but outperforms the 780 but priced like the 770. There was a large price hike with the 700 series of cards on launch and rumor has it that nvidia is dropping prices back down to what they were.

EVGA you could never go wrong with EVGA. ACX

I own a Classified GTX 770 and Overclocking is Impeccable with a 1280mhz overclock. And for the record EVGA's customer service is just too perfect its almost scary. I had an issue with my. Card once they helped me fix in about 2 minutes. And its a good card but the classified series is NOT worth the 400 bucks you are better off getting R9-290 for $400. But I do second the EVGA Super clocked ACX they are excellent coolers.

The original spec for Maxwell GPU that we see in 750Ti was 20 nano meter manufacturing process. Problem is its getting a lot harder to shrink the die now. The original 880 was probably planed to have more SMM units. The things got reworked do to TSMC (the foundry that Nvidia uses) not having a 20nm process.

  Well most likely see more power per SMM. And more power efficiency. But with out a decrease to 20nm it will be hard to fit more SMM's per chip. The 880 will probably be close to a 780. But fall off just a bit. I think it will be interesting to see how much power it will use. And its temp. We may see a 20nm Maxwell by the end of the 800 series. 

  The good news is unlike Kepler form the 600 to 700 series we should see a bigger jump in performance with chips that have parody.