What beverages do you drink?

Dear Logan,

You're always drinking various different beers and energy drinks on The Tek but I never catch what they are.

Could you recommend some good beers and energy drinks that you personally enjoy? Thanks!

PS: I've been a fan of the show since I found The Tek 0035 about a year ago. I've been loving every episode ever since.

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I drink Coke.

for me it's

  • Water
  • Soda (I'm trying to stop, i think i have a carbonation addiction)
  • Tea. (Preferably Jasmine Tea)

When it comes to drinks with Alcohol

  • Coquito (it is a Coconut Drink that is commonly made in hispanic house-holds during the holidays)
  • Hard Apple Cider
  • Blue-Moon (This was my first beer i've ever tried. but i personally wouldn't drink it often)
  • Jagermeister 
  • Irish Cream

I'm not Logan, but it looks like he was drinking Hop Notch from Uinta Brewing in Tek 156, 18 Mile Ale from 603 Brewery in Tek 158, Bootleg Fireworks from Baxter Brewing in Tek 159, Hard Core Chimera from Finch's Beer Company in the Black Friday video, and Heady Topper from Alchemist in Tek 161.

I've heard specifically that Hop Notch and Bootleg Fireworks are pretty good. Although if Bootleg Fireworks is a stronger version of Baxter's regular IPA, it's not a beer you'll want to drink quick. Heady Topper is the highest rated beer on Beeradvocate.

As for me, mostly water, milk, and cranberry juice. On the off chance I have hard liquor I drink it straight regardless of what it is. I don't particularly like English or American style beers, but I am fond of Belgians, certain German, and certain Scottish beers.

Mostly, I stick with water, [chocolate] milk, unsweetened iced tea, hot tea (if I'm sick, which tends to be often), and very occasionally low-acid coffee. I used to drink Mountain Dew a lot, until I took a swig of it flat. Now I try to stay away from sugary drinks as much as possible.

If I want something strong, I usually just look for a scrumptious juice that's sitting around the house. The only true exception I've made is grapefruit juice, because it burns my insides and tastes like crap. I can't drink alcohol because I'm not "of age," and honestly, I'm not very interested in it.

mountain dew. thats all


Water or watered juices most of the time. Root beer if I can find it so usually only once every two months or so. Jones soda if it is around. And various assorted energy drink if I am in an unusually abusive mood.

For alcohols. German weissbier usually. Stouts and orters a lot. Occasionally jack and coke and if it is a better burbom, then just straight and cold.

My drink favorites

Moroccan mint tea. The Fresher the better

Kona (Hawaiian) coffee.

Acai juice.

Single malt scotch, generally Glenlivet.

Beer any thing by 3Floyds, Clown Shoes, Real Ale, and Left Hand will be good.

Yorkshire Tea or Stella Artois.

Hey thanks for this reply. You mentioned a lot of them, I'll be checking these out for sure.

Ya I feel you, don't feel bad I have the same issue. I drink way to much coke, it's embaracing so I won't say how much but it's bad. I've been doing it for years. I gotta stop.

I tried switching to something called GFuel from Gamma. It's suppose to be an anternative drink with no sugar, still tastes good or at least that's what's advertised. It's total crap, tastes like shit.

I was really dissappointed when I had to add sugar to make it taste good. Totally defeats the purpose.


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