What are your thoughts on the ps vita

so the ps vitas been out for a while but all the prices are way to high i got a few second-hand deals and hotline miami (amazing on ps vita) and unit 13 but what do you think with rumours of minecraft and borderlands 2 coming out on the system later on in the year 

thanks ;3

Its geting a price drop soon (a large one) 


Still wouldn't buy one 

BL2 and MC are not rumors, they were confirmed by sony.

I bought mine at launch, $350 with tax (god damn canada's 15%) really enjoy using it when i'm on vacation. It's now the only console I own (my first console was PSP).

I had got the very first PSP at launch, it was really good, I can't vouch for the vita though. 

i got the vita for christmas with a 4gb memory card its not enough to enjoy all of my games :( great for hd videos/movies 

I wanted one at the start but the only thing holding me back was it's library. Now it's grown a little bit but still isn't enough for me to get one. It does look amazing though. I'm hoping they make a PS4/Vita pack where you can save an additional $100 on the Vita or something. We'll see.


yeah i think their is a pack where you can get ps vita and the ps4 together for $500 ? with releases titles double check me on that one 

It looks like they might but I don't think it's 100% confirmed yet.

i'd get one if they had an addon keyboard


Terraria and GTA, that is what it needs. Then it won't collect dust like it is.

I originally bought it just for persona 4 golden, would of got the base game for the ps2 but since I have a 5 hour break between classes decided might as well get it on the vita and been liking it since then.  

gta on the psp 3000 (both of the gtas) are aviable and play quite well but i see what you mean the need a proper fps flagship instead of the 44 pounds hunk of crap black ops 2 that i am reluctant to buy 

I already have the UMD's of both GTA's, am I supposed to give Sony more of my money to play old games I already own, I think not. As for fps' Resistence imo wasn't that bad, but also wasn't that good. Haven't tried Declassified, reviews said stay away.

stay away with a pointy stick to defend yourself (try unit 13 instead there might be a demo ?)

I have had a psp since it released and enjoyed it a lot, took it everywhere I went. Still didn't jump on the vita though. Price is fine for what you get but like mentioned we need more games. I would buy it alone for persona 4 golden, would love to try that game out. The new killzone mercenary seems to be awesome too. First vita shooter where the dual sticks works like the ps3 controller apparently. And then the smaller indies with crossplay seem pretty cool. Play on your ps3/4 and when the family comes and occupies the big screen, just continue somewhere else on your vita. Spelunky seems like a lot of fun with this crossplay functionality. And I have a ton of vita games from my ps plus subscription for free like stealth basterd, uncharted and gravity rush. All games I would like to try out. I would like a nice bundle including ps4 and ps vita for 500 euro with some games. Bet it will happen next year or so. I think vita will become more viable with the ps4 in the picture.