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What are your thoughts on the Playnite Games Launcher


Looking for your experiences or knowledge of how it is?
Is it secure?
Is it stable?

I want to just have everything in once place, but not worry about security or stability. And can I buy games through it?

Im looking into it as we speak but want to hear your feedback. Thanks all!



Can’t say I’ve heard of that one.

I just basically use Steam for all my gaming.



I’ve never heard of it either.

Can’t be worse than the Epic store. Drumroll

Seriously though it seems to be doing what gog is doing with galaxy on windows. One client for all game platforms? I guess this means the OP owns games on more that one platform? i.e. Steam, Uplay, Origin, etc? Anyways I’ve not heard good or bad about playnite, but Lutris let’s you launch games from any platform and helps you get the emulation layer setup at the same time?



I’ll look into it. Ideally…aka doesnt yet exist…would be a platform that connects ALL major launchers and centralizes the ability to update and play them. Obviously the stores would be more of an issue, but there is no reason is 2019 this shouldn’t be possible. (Says me with no ability to do so)



Heavy Sarcasm

Why, that’s bordering on us plebs having control over the content or games we’ve purchased. Perish the thought?! Publishers need remind us we’re only licensing the games and don’t own them. Any facility that makes it convenient to access would run contrary for their need to control our access to it.

Seriously though having choice in the marketplace is a good thing… except for the fact that it’s not really a choice as everyone is trying to keep their exclusives. The industry should settle on a common access method so there can be a truly universal client… but again they have little incentive to do so at this point.



It’s okish.

But, if you have steam games, then a couple each of say origin, uplay, gog, older games from disk, and roms for an emulator, then it is nice because playnite lets you see and launch them all in one place.

You cannot buy games through it, it is just a launcher, and you cannot update them directly. You can install and uninstall some types of games though.

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does this launcher chain load the origin and/or steam needed for the games to authenticate?



Yes, although for everything but steam I think it just runs the executable and that will auto start the drm/official launcher if it is not already open.

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thanks, I think it does the same when yo manually start a steam / origin game.
So this just basically finds the exacutables and creates a unified list?

I guess it would be especially helpful if you have several game folders in several datastores/pools/drives



Basically, yes. You can also give it image locations and a emulator executable so it will boot up an emulator with the game you want with one click.

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Nice, I will have to take a look at it then.

I just plain want to play with other launchers that can support the games I play.

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