What are your thoughts on googles Fuschia OS? Do you think it will replace android?

I can see this being used for IOT, infotainment and smart watches. The Linux kernal can be really powerful if used right. Most of the articles saying otherwise dont really know much about kernel. The free nature and robustness allows you to do so much. From running some intense Linux payload from a container using real hardware to emulation and much more. The magenta kernel can't compete as people would rather develop for the more open kernel. So I dont see any logical advantage of replacing it versus just coexist it with it.

What are your guys thoughts?

I will use neither so I don't care.

It may gain traction, or it may not. Google isn't afraid to try stuff and if it works then great; if it doesn't then oh well shut it down.
It's interesting, I guess.

Well maybe they will make some IoT devices based off of it but I highly doubt that it will make it to the smartphone market. Sailfish OS, Ubuntu for smartphones, Bada, Symbian, BB10, Meego, Tizen are all OSs that tried to compete with Android and iOS at some point and ended up dead (or almost dead). Unless Google shuts down Android completly and forces everyone to update to Fuschia OS it's not even worth worry if it will be a smartphone OS or not.

P.S. the GUI is soo counter-intuitive to me that I would buy an iPhone instead

I don't think they can. Android works fine even without google. As long as I can have lineageOS or similar open software I don't care what anyone is doing.

Maybe for their pixel devices

This is an interesting project to say the least.

This is a micro/mini kernel so a lot of the drivers and features that people usually work are now pushed out into user space instead of in the kernel. The kernel won't need to be updated nearly as much and this is one of the issues in Android; you can't push kernel updates to older Android devices easily.

Then there is the real time aspect to this OS. Most IoT applications don't really require a real time OS so this is interesting. What else could it be used for?

Yeah, my bad. I was referring to the services they associate to Android like the Play Store and all that jazz.

I see, iOS user?

I totally forget that i could flash lineageOS but that requires root! Lucky for me even running linux I can do it without root using a p-root container! I doubt they will replace the linux kernal or android at all!

i could see this used for wearable, vehicle infotainment systems as well, they seem to match the use case (in my mind). I guess yeah moving drivers to user space makes it easier for older phones to update but for me getting rid of the already powerful linux kernal is a step back. Also given how magenta kernal can be open source but google could just not share source code, I fear it might become a walled garden OS like iOS! The openness of android allows power users to do crazy things, emulations, linux containers, simulations/hpc payloads, embedded computing, programming, machine vision etc. So I doubt they would replace the linux kernal and android!