What are your thoughts on Edge(ium) Developer Version?

So, when i reinstalled windows 2 days ago, i automatically got 1903 and am quite happy with it so far.
In the same process i decided to give the chromium based edge version a go. I’ve been a long time firefox user. Lately I’ve returned to chrome as firefox got worse in terms of performance (noticeably so). But i never was too keen on sharing all my Browsing with Google.

So here i am. Have been running Edge Developer Version for two solid days and am thoroughly impressed. First, finally most addons just work. This eliminates a lot of friction.
Apart from that, it feels a lot like chrome, but with a Windows 10 theme on it and without google attached to it. If MS keeps working in the direction this Beta currently is, i can see myself switching to it on any Windows machine i run. I’m not sure whether i’d want to run it on Linux, but that’s another discussion entirely.

For those of you that have already tried it, what are your thoughts? technologically, politically or ethically.

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that’s my thoughts.

like everything microsoft has attempted since the 1990s they are about 3-5 years late and yelling “ME TOO!!”

would not surprise me if they abandon it and change tack in 18 months.

see also:
silver light
windows phone

if you’re willing to tolerate a closed source chromium based browser opera is better. and cross platform.

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No clue why, but every time i try opera, i really like it. But never stick to it. I don’t know why really…