What Are Your Most Annoying Distrobutions And Why?

First, i would like to thank @Zippy_Parmesian for the original topic which this idea arose from.

What Are Your Favorite Linux Distrobutions and Why? Found here: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/what-are-your-favorite-linux-distrobutions-and-why/85003

Thought it could be fun to see "The Most Hated Distrobutions And Why.

If you have a hard time remembering your "Most Annoying Distro"

Then here is a list : http://distrowatch.com/

I can easily say, that Unity on Ubuntu did it for me. The worst look-a-like, wanna-be high end GUI i have ever seen. It looked like a smartphone interface. Why and who would do such a thing? High end interface to open source? What were they thinking? xD

Even though it can be changed, the experience at that time, was horrible for me.

After that i tried Kubuntu,Lubuntu,Xubuntu which i liked a lot more. But Linux Mint changed everything for me, and im still sticking to Mint and supporting the team behind Mint.

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Most hated distro of all time?



I have no clue if it's considered a distro, Distrowatch seems to think so since it's on their site. since they think so, i will agree with them.

It's a poor-man's attempt at trying to be WIndows. yeah it's open source, yeah it can use Windows apps. but OLD windows apps.. and it looks like the biggest nightmare that is Windows Millennium. and it's been in Alpha or beta (i don't even know anymore) for like a a decade.

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Justin Beiber Linux.

kill me.

it is fun putting it onto a usb and booting your mats pc into it. haha

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Debian > Arch > Fedora > *buntu > Mint > Gentoo > OpenSuse
This is a narrow range of what I've used but I would still recommend any of these. Depends on usage mostly. This is just how it works out for me

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Stock ubuntu with unity

vanilla gentoo

vanilla arch

Ubuntu is still really buggy and it is really sad (good depending on your outlook) to see that a project like mint has ironed out the bugs that an actually company should have fixed by now. It is also probably one of the slowest distros I have used.

all of the spins work a lot better, but unity just can get its shit together I guess.

As for gentoo and arch, the only thing they offer is learning, a little bit of fun, and will kill some time.

But I do not understand the people who use them as a daily driver. You seriously have to hate yourself to sit there and bite your fingernails every time you upgrade.

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I'd rather talk about the distros I like. I really like Ubuntu for older people who really don't know computers. The unity interface and everything worked out really well for my mom and she can actually use that machine without a lot of help. She needed so much help with windows all the time.

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Ubuntu with Unity.

Unity hurts my eyes and the distro has way too many bugs.

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Nah, you just run emerge -DuNa @world no problems. Not for everyone though I get that. :)

I don't really have a distro I hate. That said I don't count spins or just pointless distros, what's the point.

I'm not a big fan of Ubuntu though, it alwasy seems to have weird problems compared to every other distro, I call it 'Ubuntu weirdness' whenever I see a post about it.

I can almost entirely agree with this post.

There are some distros that seem to just be pointless, but then they probably make sense for the people that have created them and who are we to judge lol...

Then there are some distros that are just not put together or maintained very well, but guess what... all distros started out like that... those that were around in the very early days of GNU/Linux will know that very well. Even distros like SuSE or RedHat were not great in the early days.

The problem with Ubuntu is not Ubuntu Core. I actually really like Ubuntu Core and the work Canonical is doing. Canonical's version of Ubuntu with Unity though has been hit after 10.04 though, and that isn't only a matter of Unity versus Gnome Shell, it's mostly a matter of repo hygiene in my opinion.

Any distro's downfall is a lack of packaging quality and repo maintenance. Even Fedora had a really weak couple of versions due to RedHat calling strange decisions and people lost their motivation to maintain Fedora. With Fc22, Fedora has proven that they have found a new motivation, and that a community distro can produce high quality maintenance and packaging even if they have to live in the shackles that were put on them by RedHat.

Another thing is that some distros are not meant to be "good" as in "the usual high quality expected of an open source release", because they are distros that serve only a specific development purpose. The benefit of open source is that experimentation in public is allowed. It's part of the reason why open source release software is so high quality, unequalled by anything non-open-source. It's is still a very true statement that in order to really test stuff, you have to test stuff till it breaks over and over again, and have as many people as possible try to break it.

And the last thing that in my opinion is true about GNU/Linux distros, is that they have been cross-pollinating a lot over the last 5 years or so, to an extent where there is much less difference between the major distro families as there used to be. And this is also typical for open source: everything is allowed, and in the end, in the most natural manner, without any coercion or manipulation, the highest quality solution will surface and gain momentum. A good example of this is X11: over the years, it has grown into a monster, a collection of extreme hacks and patches that just works. Everybody agrees for years now that it has to be replaced urgently... yet in open source, the replacement has to prove its worth first, and it's not just a matter of an executive decision to change things like in closed source... open source is very user-centric... what works is what works for the users... Wayland is only just starting to work after several years, and Mir doesn't work yet... so X11 is still the norm. It will only change when Wayland provides higher quality and better user experience than X11.


It's not a distro, it's a ground-up reimplenetation of Windows NT5.2. Mostly a hobby project like FreeDOS. Show some damn respect for the developers and their hard work.

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So... why did you even come to this thread if you're going to get upset at people mocking distros/OSes?

Why bother getting up in the morning when something upsetting could potentially happen? Newsflash: i wasn't expecting to.

Ok, people that get upset, go read line 2 in the first post.

Here is the Link again: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/what-are-your-favorite-linux-distrobutions-and-why/85003

At least try to post where its relevant, (That does not mean in the exact opposite thread)

Nobody is getting upset at anything. Carry on and post opinions that are related to the subject matter in the thread and be tolerant towards each other. The days of jumping on posts with a blade between the teeth are over on the forum, I'm sure everyone here is more than intelligent enough to act in conscience and mutual respect, which basically means that nothing happened and this thread will continue in an enriching manner.

It's very much possible that there are people that have arguments why they hate a certain distro or aspects of it, and that those arguments may ring a bell with others, so the existence of this thread is justified and may be useful. The usefulness however is determined by the user content, so make it count and don't bitch, m'kay...

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I personally "hate" *buntu. Unity, mir, gnome3, they're all terrible.
I love my arch + mate setup I have :)
also personally the whole family uses linux mint cinnamon flavour as that's what I use on my spare laptop, that's what I choose to support, and they find it really easy to use. I just need to install chromium, themes, skype, SIP, and done. my entire family hates windows, with it's bloat, general bloaty proprietary slowness, and CONSTANT updates that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that make turning the PC's on or off a pain. Linux mint, just click update, input passwd, wait, done.
so yeah I guess my entire family's most hated OS is windows.
I'm moving a lot of people to GNU/Linux.


I am normally less annoyed by the distribution itself but the people who insist that the distribution that they use is the best. This is typical for people who run Arch or Gentoo. The general asshattery that is present across those distros is something that I have noted to be higher than most.


Any distro that looks worse than Win XP out of the box.

I installed fedora and I am giving it a second run. Last time I used it, I never made it past a 3 days before switching to opensuse.

I can tell you that this distro flat out pisses me off. I always knew you kind of had to work to get fedora setup, but I never understood why.

Now that I know fedora is a stupid RMS distro, I would not recommend it to anyone.

What pisses me off is it is a really well maintained distro that could genuinely compete with ubtunu and potentially even windows if they pulled their heads out of their asses.

But nope. Derpbederpbe derp were gonna have an all free distro and you can go figure everything else out yourself.

Well all I have to say is this.

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Honestly how many proprietary things are you using to be annoyed with a free distro?