What are you working on? -2015 Edition

I don't believe a topic like this was made before in this section, but I thought I'd go ahead and make one. On some other forums I regularly visit, there's usually a thread for people to post content of what they've been working on. Usually someone will make a new thread for it every month or so and include highlights from the previous thread.

So, feel free to post what things you've been making and maybe include some pictures of what it looks like.

I'll start us off with my most recent site I've been working on. It's going to be used for people to upload their plugins to that are made for the Clockwork framework on Garry's Mod (more info here). C16 already has their own plugin site, but I was working on my own before they actually released theirs (which they said they'd do about a year ago and never did :P), I also don't quite like how their current one works. Here's some pictures of what I have so far: http://imgur.com/a/ZdiDy

I'm still working on a lot of the core functionality and I've been making steady progress. It was meant to be finished awhile ago, but I stopped working on it for some time and I've also come up with new things I wanted to implement since then. Also, feel free to send me some suggestions on ways to improve the site or things I should add, I'm always interested in hearing what people have to say.

So now the question, what have you been working?

Me and some friends have been working on starting a small computer business, as well as using the opportunity to get the youth from the high school I work at involved to learn more about technology.

PC UPGRADES. Trying to make a silent build that is 1440p capable, as well as finding a way to make my desk-space more minimal. 

I'm trying to use some CGI/HTML/Python nonsense and make a web frontend for the popular avconv tool. That way its easy and practical for people to use a Linux box with a capture card as a headless streaming encoder.

I'm building a computer, hopefully I get finished by this month :l I just got my CPU today. I thought it was going to come with its box, turns out it was only the CPU :/ but I guess its ok because I am buying a liquid cooler for it.

Beyond the lame assignments for school, I've been working on an aquarium controller for my salt water reef tank. It uses a Radxa Rock (a more powerful Raspiberry Pi) for the brains and user interface, and a bunch of connected "slave" modules. These modules all have a specific purpose such as measure tank conditions like pH or temperature, or control things such as a power strip. So far this month I've finished up my custom RS485 protocol that will be used to communicate between the Radxa Rock and all the modules. I've also done some work designing and laying out the printed circuit boards for the power strip and 0-10V output reference module.

School just started so ive been busy with that. My CPU recently passed away a month ago.1155 i5 2500k 4.5ghz for about 5 years. RIP. ill be upgrading my ram, cpu and MB these next few months. i wanna get around to sleeving my powersupply with paracord 550, we will see.. other than that ill be doing school


During the last two days I made a quick website to read random first timer stories from literotica.com. It is NSFW, so watch out.. http://crone.nu/random-story-time

About to build my first rig. I'm also working on becoming familiar with two languages (just recently got into programming and I'm kind of addicted): c++ and python. Python seems pretty darn easy and C++ seems like some gigantic mountain of information that must be scaled slowly and with someone that has already crested the mountain before. Thats what I'm working on.

I'd love to see pics of this/your aquarium.  Sounds brilliant.

I got bored and made these:



Going to run Ethernet cables over my house. Starting out with 6 but Kai suggested running 12 to add more later when I feel like it or need it.

My semester is almost over (just one examn left) ⇒ my personal productivity season is starting!

I was playing around with VIM the last couple of days and it is SO AWESOME! Will be a big boost to my workflow. I started to use the plugin vimwiki to hold my TodoNotes. The next step will be to summon my cubietruck back to life and use it as a configfiles and syncwhateveriwant server, so that I can use the same dotfiles + my todonotes from everywhere I want. Using vim on my tablet will get tricky though. Maybe I'll just use simpler editor for that.

Vimwiki is also very interesting for novelwriting. I am no writer, but i'm dreaming of becoming one. You can just easily connect different (plain-)textfiles and therefore keep track of different information. Just imagine that you are writing a short story/novel and you can just jump to a short description of your characters whenever you want to.

Nice little programs. I wrote many like this in Matlab.

But why all the empty lines?

As part of my ongoing quest to de-google my self I have set up an OwnCloud server and will be setting up Kolab this weekend.

I am very temped to remove Android from my phone entirely and run only with Sailfish.

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I like it like that :)

Do you have a static IP or what are you using to connect to it?

The most hard core and over kill router ever. I've got the router running PFsense I just need to get a 48 10/100/1000 switch.

Static IP and using no-ip as a domain.

Since im not a sshort/ chap and I am sick of these tiny desks (and hitting my knees into them) I am building my own custom, ergonomically designed desk.

With 870mm(h) of glorious leg room haha