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What are you riding?


Not really, fooled you.

This is me and my scooter

Yamaha RoadStar 1600


Nice bikes :)

I currently ride a 2012 F800R from BMW. It looks like this:

I've owned a couple more bikes:

2001 - Honda CB500F
2003 - Suzuki SV650S
2004 - BMW R850R
2006 - Honda CBR600F

I use the bike 5 days a week and a few rides a month. It's my main vehicle, I have no car. I live at the east coast in my country (Spain) and here the weather is pretty chill, we range from -3º to 38º C. So it's bearable all year, it doesn't rain that much but I have a full goretex suit anyway.

I currently have a list of a few bikes that I would like to buy, but money is tight ATM. My current bike works great for what I do, but as a next bike I would like something beefier without going crazy. (1000cc. and 140bhp would be ideal)


I just sent you a PM, because it seems you have owned every bike I am currently looking at purchasing, and wanted your opinions!

Seriously, SV650, BMW Boxer, and the BMW F bikes are all ones I am considering. You sir have fine taste.


2015 Ural patrol, 2WD, reverse, less than a Chevy spark and a hell of a lot more fun. I literally stop traffic with people trying to get pics and video when I take the dog out riding.I I've also owned a 1985 Honda Magna 500, 2004 Honda 919 and a 2002 Honda shadow A.C.E. 750


What a beauty. Bike and dog! ;)


Thank you. And you as well.


VFR 800 Stormtrooper.



Get your license in Germany. You can already drive a throttled bike of your choice with a 48 HP limit. That's good for well over 200 km/h on a sportsbike and around 200 km/h on a naked bike. Then when you're old enough, you just remove the choke and get the full power of the engine. Thing with motorbikes is that throttling them to gather experience is a really good idea in my opinion, because once you ride a motorbike, you only want more power, it's addictive, and it's also really dangerous. I'm a very responsible driver, but I've still had multiple accidents, almost every single one of those with some degree of annoying bodily harm to myself (luckily never to others), despite extreme safety gear.

With all of the econazis in politics though, motorbikes are soon going to be the only means of individual transport that will still qualify as freedom. You'll never be able to feel free in a modern spyware-laden car that you have to have a privacy-invading special charging subscription card for to even drive 200 km far with.


Cbr500r looking to buy a Yamaha fz09


Bought my first bike in Feb this year!




Thats one hell of a first bike.


not my bike but close to what it looks like. i will be riding this in a few months.


I just realized I never posted my new ride here…

Got it last year, 09 Yamaha FZ6R.

I am waiting for this Michigan weather to even out a bit.


Had my R3 for a few years. Probably going to trade it in for this:


My buddy had a 07… They’re nice, but read about em.


I’ve spent a few weeks researching options. I test rode the 09 in the picture. The newer ones are much better than the previous gen. Well worth it IMO. Its still actively trying to kill you but now theres a computer to help it try to kill you a little less.


Had this, sold it cause I had no self control in traffic and would have ended up six feet under if I had kept it.


Got this instead and had it for five years until I crashed last year, fixed it up and sold it so I’m now a bikeless SOB.


I know the one my buddy mentioned was a but stiff.

ah yes. We should make a thread regarding Bike tech. The helmets, cameras, and developments that I’ve seen are gonna be so cool when they hit the commercial market. Honestly, I’m looking forward to riding when I’m older, because I have a feeling things are gonna be pretty cool for riders by that time. When my dad started, he mentioned some bikes didn’t have stuff like stabilizers that come standard now…