What are you preparing for the holidays?

Quick and simple question...
What are you preparing for the holiday's dinner? We (eastern Europe) have a traditional menu for 24-th especially, that i will change a bit and switch a couple items for convenience, and the pictures will come in let's say 3-4-5 hours, but that made me curious...
What are you preparing for the holiday's table?

pumpkin rolls


24th is fondue
25th is roulades
and 26th is not up to me.

What kind?

my man.

When all goes to plan, the result will look similar to this:

So what's inside the role? That was my main question...
Also, my pictures will be up in like half an hour... I have some things in the oven and on the stove. Meanwhile i am making the salad...

OK, here we go...
The tradition says "uneven number of vegan meals". So I chose 5. After I live alone.
Potato salad:

Stuffed peppers with rise:

Home made bread, that I bought prepared, because I can't make bread...
Beans soup, that I made into a stew or something like that...

And the traditional Bulgarian thing - sarma, of which I bought 3 pre-made, because I don't have the ingredients and I am too lazy to make this.
It's basically pickled cabbage leaves with rice filling...
In other words:

Man, do I have a lot to eat tonight...

I don't know what's in those roulades but in the ones I know it's onions, pickle and speck (a very thick piece of bacon)

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Beef, Minced Meat, Mustard, Onions surrounding a gherkin.
The sauce is a always bit... experimental. But it starts with roux and cream.

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I am preparing to be excluded from the family Christmas dinner tomorrow that is not supposed to happen like the Christmas party tonight that wasn't supposed to happen but did happen. My daughter and certain family members feeding into her bull crap is the cause of this.

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