What are you listening to right now?

Colony of Birchmen - Mastodon

Post away kiddies...

i just bedroom moshed to this shit

np: xAFBx - Cheap Date "My Life, Your End"


Galar - Skogskvad


galar is the best black/ viking metal ever to include an oboe, lol. that's the only video I could find... the CD is one of my favorite CD's.

Good folk metal


Let the metal heads come -_-"

NEVER make a thread about music on rtw, lol...

Listening to Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love

The Groove - Muse


Pretty good for Japanese Weaboo shit, and most of its actually in English if you can decipher the grunts and gurgles...


Slipknot - Before I Forget...dunno why, I just felt like going through random vids.

scathing-nightrage. =]]]

[and death cab ofcourse] <3

theyre amazing.

I'll ruin the string of metal.

Eat You Up - BoA. Lol. HA. *flame shield on*


now im listing to mudvayne

>Let the metal heads come -_-"

>NEVER make a thread about music on rtw, lol...

>Listening to Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love

fuck yes! dire straits are amazing and thats one of my favorite songs

anyway, now playing:

title: Nightcrawler

album: Painkiller

artist: Judas Priest

beware the beast in black!


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boa is fuckin hot. first saw her music video in '04 when i had to detour to seoul korea. om nom nom'd at first sight..

Haha. Yeah. Dude, she finally debuted in America. :O

oh shit freal? i don't really keep up well with her ;o

From Beyond

Holy Mountain


fucking groove


T.A.N.K. - Brother In Arms


Mayhem - Buried By Time And Dust


GreenSLi, Dire Straits \m/